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    It was originally locked for 30 seconds, now this has been reduced to 10 seconds. Memox is looking at an alternative so that it will not affect hunting.
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    Bug in bank. Cant withdraw money.

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    You need energy to do it.

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    Lol sorry my mistake. xD but why it didnt show me the message that i need more stamina?

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    message like this and jail while all members of gang have stats for GB

    At start of edition very strange, too much points gangs getting, now it is okay...

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    cant see gang stats in beta why ? thx anyway

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    Quote Originally Posted by xxhitmanxx View Post
    cant see gang stats in beta why ? thx anyway
    You need at least 5 members in order to show in the stats: Crew
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    and if someone play alone what happen? dont take the level ? that is not good i think ... otherwise bring back rabbits.. and stop training and the levels .... i know a lot of people who play alone .... in this game its so difficult to find 5 members ..... this is a reason to stop play many people .... think about it .... thx for your time memox !!!!

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    u dont need play in team to creat a gang with 5 people , u need know more people and make friends, is not so hard, but make playing alone one excuse..

    try made conversation with people and u gonna make a 5 people gang

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    Default Gang Stats

    Hi... i received a gang invitation, but as the gang stats was uptdating i cant search any gang in gang list... My intention was checking who was the leader and see if i should or not get in that gang...i think the "Search Gang" option should be always available...
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