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Thread: i lost my money

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    Thumbs down i lost my money

    i just collected the money from the investment
    so i make it 30M respect

    i rob the vatican and got jailed
    i use the jailbreak item and got free

    wtf ??
    my respect change to 26M, i lost over 100M
    i didn't buy anything
    how could it possible ??

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    Supposing you aren't really joking, let's explain:

    Even without using money for bribe in jail, you lose lots of money

    - 2% money in hand if jail in a gang robbery
    - 20% money in hand (your case) if jail in a single robbery

    You lost around 4M respect, so you had around 400BI money in hand at moment of jail, and lost around 80BI money (20% of that and the same as 4kk respect)

    In add, failure in single robs you don't lose stats, ONLY MONEY IN HAND.
    For failure in gang robs, you lose both stats and money in hand (2% total stats and 2% money in hand).

    Moral of the story: ALWAYS save your money in bank, specially in reinforcement days



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