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    Default Hospital in jail?

    I saw that when we are in jail, we had access to training. But we receive skills depending on how high is our addiction - high addiction, less skills. In order to train with full skills results, it shouldn't be better to have, while in jail, access to hospital, too? It wouldn't hurt, isn't it? I mean, it will not interfere with anything, I think. Just asking.
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    And one more: while we invest our money for four TC days, why we can't make another investment.I mean, for example, on second day of the first one? It would be complicate?
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    Regarding the 2nd question , I do think it would complicate things quite a lot and it would give some professions an advantage that might be hard to calculate without playing it an entire round at full potential.

    In your first question , do you mean you want to be able to have access to hospital so that you can buy skill whilst in jail

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    No, it would have been nice to be able to do detox while I was in jail. Because if I train with high addiction, i will not receive maximum skills from my training. Hope I've made myself understood.



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