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    Default Question about credits

    If I have at this point like 100 credits (bought, not temporary) and I receive 50 credits (temporary) from a mission, which one of them are used first? Those which I've bought or the temporary ones? Let's say at the end of the round I still have remained like 98 credits. Are they partially temporary (50) or are they bought credits? I will lose those 50 which are temporary at the end of the round and will remain me just 48? Or will be all considered as bought credits?
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    The temporary ones are the first to be used.
    At the end of the round you will only lose the ones that are temporary.

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    If u still have temporary credits last day (100 bought+20temporary credits for example) you can buy training booster condom or etc. If u buy item on black market they wont remove end of round. You can use next round them. I m always buy training booster with temporary c4edits end of round.



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