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Thread: GG points

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    Default GG points

    Hi, I didn't get any answer so I write on forum.
    You change this round this +15% of respect to gang points. My question is:
    Is it counting already now or just in the end of game? I tried to make test, but after my respect increase there was no change in gang points in All gang. So how it would work?

    You can make invest till day 80 but item for bank is still written: "u can use till day 100"


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    Dear Crew, thank You for Your answer.
    So I have the answer and still one question.

    Making 12 000 robs till now I get 2 500 000 gg poitns

    Doesnt matter becouse players who didn't accept 100 gang robs and getting 100kk respect get 15 000 000 gang poitns.

    Is it normal?!



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