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    Exclamation Privacy Issues !!!

    Good evening

    Sadly, here I am again having to discuss privacy and corruption issues .

    If last time one of our crew members , AstroCrims, actually helped a player during a round this time Sp4ke seems to have shared info regarding some top accounts in some chats. Sp4ke's accounts was terminated once the investigation revealed he had checked accounts for the " wrong " reasons.

    Since we do not know how many players had access to said prints we clearly can't ban anyone , AT LEAST FOR THE MOMENT. The round is long and we do not know what new info might come our way until the end.
    We already made changes to our system limiting the access some crew members might have when checking accounts and we will do better when it comes to tracking the activity of said members.

    I want you guys to understand that not all Crew members are like this and most of the guys here, want to help the game and the community and they are doing it for "free".

    These past rounds have opened my eyes to many things but mostly to the fact that TheCrims is very permissive with people that break our rules and actually harm the game so tomorrow morning I will make changes to some rules. Changes that will be implemented DURING THIS ROUND !!!

    I honestly hope those changes will clean the game of cheaters and all those that actually ruin the game experience.

    Like always for any feedback or report please send me an email at [email protected]
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