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Thread: ask the crew ?!

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    Cool ask the crew ?!

    hi crew
    i"m indonesian , my english is not good but i hope u got the point

    i want to ask about the game

    1.i got vip 1 in my id right now and 8 special item , what happen to my special item if in the half of the round (day 60 or more) if i buy vip 2 ?
    am i get 9 special item again ? or what ? u set the drugs that will appear on the docks ? is it some way to predict that or its just random, so we just have to gambling on it ?

    3. i got banned for 3 days right now, for breaking rule 2
    i had explain the crew and thanks to simba who had reduced my bannned days

    i know why that rule was made
    because u dont want some player to cheat or corrupt in the game such as
    selling stats , do kill for alley right ? but i dont do it u can check , its just assumption not fact
    i play my prime id in chrome and the screen was blank and dark
    it happen sometimes , so i play in mozilla which is i use to play my second id
    in the beginning of the round i have read the rules, i got no intention to do that , its suicide bro

    same on the case in the thread that bebynho made based on link!!

    why the players suspect the crew was cheating ?
    because u can do anything in the game , u are the crew right ?

    maybe u have tell the top 5 players what drugs will be appear in the docks
    or maybe u had edited the money in the player id
    so u dont have to pay the prize money for top three international
    it just our opinion not the fact

    u want us to trust you, but you dont trust us

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    I guess your questions are legit heheh.
    What you are not considering is the following.

    1. I can't win so I play 4 fun and this goes for all crew members.

    2. I am playing to test the professions .. 4 example after this round after playing I understand what we need to change to robber in order to make it more viable. Actually this goes for Robber , Dealer and Pimp

    3. Since I can't actually win be sure I will use my panel hehehe. I mean, imagine I have to rob 1000 tickets ... I can't win the round so what I do is remove the tickets and add the money... is quite easy. But up to now I think I performed around 3000 robs or more .

    4. The Drugs AKA boats are set day 1 by the system ... the idea that me or memox bring boats is stupid and it was started by frustrated players that got used to winning using the LAST BOAT strategy.
    So yeah you have to gamble on it .. but it is random 100 %. Normally the late it goes into the round the bigger the chances for a big boat to come .. Very important , we now have 5 big drugs before we had only 2.

    5. I am not CREW ... hehe

    6. Regarding your ban ... you can't have 2 accounts active during the same round.

    7. If you buy VIP 2 you should get 1 extra ITEM , yes.

    I hope this answers all your questions... have a nice round and for any problems send me email at [email protected] .

    NOTE: I will never trust players , because I know them and 99% of them lie to get what they want.
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