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Thread: Idea for raves!

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    Default Idea for raves!

    Put all drugs in every raves...

    players who donate stats and kills, meet (skype,whatsup)and look for raves with specific drugs!!

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    Well , how am I going to make you put all the drugs in rave ? If you are the owner you have to do that ! How am I going to set that for you ?

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    just put all the drugs on the list, but if the owner doesn't have a drug, you can't use it. the owner knows which drug he has, so he'll use a certain one

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    that's right!!

    rave with 14 drugs

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    I liked the idea, but I see a problem with it: if a person wants to stamine outside his own club, he would have to keep clicking on the drugs until he finds the correct one and that would not be legal. My suggestion would be: the owner of the club puts a drug and when a person enters the club will have a button with label "drugs" no more "lsd,weed etc". Today there is no need to have several types of drugs in the nightclub, it is no longer necessary to account for how many drugs to buy in order not to die from an overdose, so I don't see the need to have more than one drug at the club

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    It makes no sense because hunters doesnt pay attention what rave has how many drugs, and the strong ones even dont look what they hit - they just go to any rave and attack anyone andthose who dont have very much stats may have a glance at the player they've met in a rave, but to change ammount of drugs in raves still makes not much difference, doest it?

    As for the milking accounts... as long as there raves and/or hooker mansions, there still gonna be milkings, since the less players are online it's easier to find - and they find each other always.



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