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Thread: Competition !

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    Exclamation Competition !

    Good morning ,

    For a long time now players have been asking for new alley missions. Normally I would do that but honestly last time it took twice more to create them than to write the code , so that being said I want to give you the chance to make some credits and to link your name with The Crims for ever.

    The Crims is looking for 5 guys that are willing to help create alley missions specific for each PROFESSION.

    Specifics :

    - You must create the missions before R115 is over
    - Level 1 to 3 missions are not to be changed because those serve as tutorial
    - You must pick a professions and create alley missions just for that profession
    - As reward : 2000 credits or Vip PACK 3 If your missions are chosen
    - Deadline : END OF ROUND 115

    NOTE: If we have more than one player creating missions for 1 profession we will give the PRIZE to the one who gave us the best missions.

    For more info please contact me at
    [email protected]

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