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    Default Enlighten me plz

    Good morning, dear users and crew.

    I'd like to know what's wrong with the hunt mechanics, more than the half of my deaths were caused by bugs/game lags like the ones below: (I don't see the player at all and he hits me) (I click the exit button, it doesn't leave, I click again and BOOM! I'm stuck at the rave and die, not gonna mention this happens ALL THE ****ING TIME)

    I have some questions... First of all, what was the point of changing the hunt without getting some feedback first? I didn't see it on "R115 changes" aswell. Now, that change is good for who? It may be good for hitmans who milk (aka 90% of the top kill) and for the professions other than hitman. Like it wasn't easy for them to run before that change Lol

    You may come up with the excuse that it was done to avoid macros/bots, but that doesn't happen aswell... And guess what? Once they show up, it takes days for them to get banned and then the damage is already caused, and I will perfectly exemplify that.

    This kid was blatantly botting since day 2, if you look at his stats he got 60 kills between day 2-3 (might not be a lot but it is considering he activated the account day 2 and was not VIP). Anyway, that's when I first reported him after he attacked me in less than 300ms:

    'We have started investigations on this account and we will keep an eye on him.' - Eagleking, 12 February

    Doing some research, I was able to find out he had another account already banned and mentioned it on the ticket as you can see in the screenshot above. Didn't even get an answer regarding that.

    Anyways, he kept botting. And in day 9, he hit me 3 times and not a single one of them was a human hit:

    I had to report him again and 1 hour later he was banned by ShadowsPT:

    Why didn't it take 1 hour to ban him in the first report, considering he was blatant enough already?

    I definitely need some answers...


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    The hunt change made this round was to move the position of the attack button down. We did it because before the button would stay bellow the selecting box which means the player could do 2 clicks without moving the mouse, this also means that the speed of the attack would generally be faster. Taking this in consideration the change made this round will at most make hunters be slower than before.

    From what I see your first ticket was sent day 12 and as said by the other crew we started investigating the reported player, day 13 you again reported the player and by then after reviewing the case it was possible to take a decison. Keep in mind that most cases do take more than 1 day since we need to collect the date we need in order to build the case.
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