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    Default Not worth it play

    Good morning, those who still think about playing this game. Do not waste time. in this round as well as in round 111 I was banned by rule5. The first time I had no answer and no defense time. And now again without proof and in the most irresponsible way possible I was banned by BOT. those who play the killer know very well that I am far from being the fastest. So the bot ban is a shame. They said that I was accompanied for a week and that they reached consensus and that I was cheating. Another shame if they were accompanying other killers faster than me, would they also be banned? What proof is there? Does this kind of attitude dispel and cast doubt on what many have the game help whoever he wants? play to help some players? Could it be that I would be here sending e-mail opening ticket and opening this post on the forum being wrong? This is an outburst for those who still think they can be among the first in an honest way.

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    You are a cheater ... deal with it and stop crying here ....
    You had an answer so stop lying ... you and your friends are why people stop playing !!



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