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Thread: About rule 5

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    Default About rule 5

    Hello, I was once banned by rule 5.
    The crew team notified me that it was no longer allowed to test players, also saying that they were unable to repeat my time at the rave and that was why I was banned.

    I'm not here to criticize or even support, I just came up with a suggestion.

    because the crew team, before banning the player by rule 5, first send a message to the player, saying that he is suspected of using bot and for him to prove that he is not, it will be necessary to send a video of his hunt doing the same time or rather the suspicion through the video.

    I say this because if the player is really a good hunter, he would be able to defend himself through a video, proving that he does not use a bot and it would be up to the crew to reassess and decide what to do.

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    Bullshit. If you get banned for rule 5, it means you was using bot. Not criticising, nor supporting, just saying - F*ck Bots..
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    Vito .... i do not know who sent you a PM in the game ...because that IS CLEARLY NOT SOMETHING ANY CREW SHOULD DO !!!!

    Changes to rule 5... 2 rounds ago I made changes to that rule and said changes were posted on INSTAGRAM , FACEBOOK, FORUM and the 1st page NEWSPAPER ...

    There is no game in the world that allows you to prove you did not cheat, like TC used to do.
    Every round we have to answer email after email and PMs regarding cheaters and botters , every round TC is losing players because of the same people. ENOUGH !!!
    One by one banned and removed from the game TYLER1 style !!!

    The only people doing the testing are people from crew .... we are tired of banning the same teams, the same people THE SAME CHEATERS every round, who weirdly have the audacity to complain and cry even tho it is not the 1st time they do it.

    This is a closed TOPIC , you have RULES AND TERMS which you accept when creating an account, If you do not agree nor like our rules you guys are free to go cheat in somewhere else
    I wish you all a nice day, and stay safe #corona
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