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Thread: Gang points

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    Cool Gang points

    Hello Gansters
    I would like to not complain but give u an idea.

    First of all, congratz. You make this game better and better from round to next one. We didn't see 850 players online for couple of years .

    I would just change loosing poitns from gang assault. You change loosing stats from ga becouse of this that in 5 min getting 3 ga u could loose almost half stats what u was working on. Same problem is now with gang points.

    I would change this that. First: you rob few hours getting like now 400 points for rob Cassino Royal but when u get hit u loose like 100-200 tickets of rob . Let killers fight for top kills and let robbers do their job

    I think 99% players would agree with it .

    Second : milk
    Like You know it's not important to win topgg with robbing . The most important think is milking all people in the late time of round like day 100-115 . I hope u can change this somehow, like u did this with stats

    Regards , Aris

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    I want to point out something ..

    This feedback was given to me by razvan7 last round I think so I went ahead and made 2 changes ...

    More gang points for VIP USERS .. I cant remember the numbers but quite big .
    Plus more gang points from special robs ..

    My question is ... are these 2 changes bugged ..? Do you see any change from last round?!

    And I am asking because we need to know if these changes are working as intended before we buff again the gang points... because this is not a hard change to make but I want to know if the changes we made are working as intended

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    1) vip is not giving more, we checked this on example BG was giving with or without vip 1600 poitns
    2) yes, bg is giving much more, wb and illu than last rounds

    Thx Babynho and take care

    Ps. really robbing few hours of gb cr now and get hit by any hitman is really annoying. You rob rob rob and 1 hit takes too much. Even now u have this 4kk poitns u rob all day getting 400 poitns and one hit -200k points. And play is starting when u have 12-15-20kk points and after one hit u loose 1kk poitns - it's 100hrs rob in the begging of game

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    i can help with feedback on this. 2 rounds ago u set 10 % at ga. i gave u feedback and u changed it last round at 5 %. again feedback: it is still to huge for a robber to loose at ga. those 5 % = about 100 tickets robbed. that's why i tried to suggest give a fixed amount of points at ga. example: before day 40 you loose at ga lets say 100k. from day 41 to 80 u loose at ga 200k, from day 81 to 100 u loose at ga 300k and from day 101 to 120 u loose at ga 400k (these numbers can be changed, but u get my ideea). again: that 5 % equals to many tickets from robbers pocket. the hitman uses only 1 ticket (not even 1 because he needs 50 % energy for 1 ga) to steal 100 tickets from robbers. i still can't tell (after 3 rounds of robs vs ga) how much the percent should be, but for sure 5 % is to much. i'll keep you updated. best regards, con

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    GA was never 10% . It was 4% on wound and 2% on kill.

    And once more, everybody starts asking for the game to become easy again when things start to go a bit harder..Everybody says losing ga is not ok because you lose too many gang points, but a GA is avoidable..It can take hours to make a ga, maybe sometimes hitmans can't even smack cuz they either dont find the rave, or the ones that they find will make an insta overdose or they leave the gg before the ga is smacked. And even more, even more, who says a gang of robbers can't put 1-2 hitmans in gg for cover?

    I really don't get it, why people want the game to become so easy and so brainless, just robbing for top gang and who will win? the players who robb more? wtf is that? why would 13 players deserve a medal for robbing like brainless chickens for 1 month? If you want to win top gang, you need to explore more features than the robbing one.

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    First of all stryker, nor Aris nor me asked for ga to be scrapped. Read and think before u post. Not just to feel important. What we said (I have to spell it out to u like to a 2 years old) was lower the amount of points that ga gives. Beby tried something after my first feedback, but he got it wrong. He thought it will help, but made it worse. Let's see in numbers so all can understand. Last round, in day 48, at ga we were loosing about 400k without dieing or 200k when we died. Beby up-ed the gang points in the hope the robbers will be happy. But this made the matter worse. This round we loose at ga in day 48 about 800k points. All because the gang has more points. All that aris pointed out now (and me since 3 rounds now - if u have time to read my posts) was a more ballance at ga loosing points. It is ok for you stryker to be as it is now because u still have brainless zombies who are in orgasm if they are in your team. They really think u care about them. The main point still is: u win at ga to many gang points. Those 800k means about 100 tickets from a robber. So, in 4 ga u can cancel a 24 hours work from a robber. Do u consider that fair? More fair it will be to, for example, have a ga with let's say always 100k points. That will really make u try look for ga all day long the whole round. Not just come in the last 10 days of the round (like u do now) and hit 10 or 20 ga and win. I swear to god I don't understand what your zombies see in you so great. U complain about how bad it is to rob 30 days and win? Well, u prick (this word is non offensive word or swearing), how bad is to stay 30 days and kill all u meet in clubs (a hitman who plays for top kill), or how bad it is to log in 30 days in a row and do transactions at dealer for a businessman, or how bad it is to log in everyday and do 30 transactions at stock market if u are a broker. Each profession with its perks. So let the robber do his job and either lower the ga or establish a set amount for ga.
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    First of all, im not stryker, i just have his nickname..

    Second, do you think it's fair to rob in raves with limit? Or taking overdose instantly? It takes much more time to smack a ga than it takes the victim to make overdose. I dont know why people complain about a thing which is avoidable pretty easy.

    And another thing, if you and aris say it's soooo broken to have hitmans in your gang to make GA, why dont you do this as well? If every gang has a couple of hitmans for cover, things will become more interesting and it will be harder for hitmans to ga a specific gang.

    You said each profession with its perks, why a pimp can rob in a gang? his perk is to buy hookers only..why can a robber make assaults? every feature is there in game to be used by all professions, and if you can't avoid gas because ur members are either too stupid to make overdose or they simply sell your gang, you should find other members, not complain about the ga feature.

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    First of all u are off topic. The topic is if the change that beby did helps or not. And I proved it doesn't. Everything else u write there I would be glad to answer you (strategy. Gangs. Hitmans. Alliances. Etc) but i am not moderator. If beby changes my colour then gladly. Best regards con

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    No, i am not off topic. Aris made the post and he implied that somehow hitmans should just fight for top kills and not be involved in top gg fight anymore. And i dont think u need to be a moderator on forum in order to discuss things on forum, lol..

    And also you didn't prove anything, u just said that you lose more gg points but that's obvious since you get more gang points when you rob.

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    let's take the facts: in 30 min iea gave 6 ga, each at a medium 600.000k points. this is in day 61. so bassically a hitman can play easily for top kills and win also top gang (with zero gang robberies) without to much stress. Let me be clear about 1 thing: i don't complain about ga. Is part of the game. But to make about 3 mil points in 6 ga in 30 min ... a robber works for that about 10 REAL DAYS. ofc aris gets pissed off and he won't like to play anymore. same here. beby u ask for feedback but it seems u don't listen to the feedback (don't twist it again and call it complaints). i suggested from 2 rounds ago limit the amount of points lost in ga - is not fair for robbers. the robber doen'st stand a chance for top inter, no chance for top gang. why should we play anymore? we died and we lost 600.000 and when u loose without dieing loose more then double. it's day 61 and i barely have 4 mil points and he did 3 mil points in 6 ga in 30 min. like - for real? the hitman can cancel 61 thecrims days of robs in 30 min ??????? what more numbers do you need?

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