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Thread: Gang points

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    I will make sure to remind Beby to check this topic.
    Since I'm a retired player many rounds ago, I don't have a lot of information about that topic now, but after reading your useful posts. I think that we need to do something about it.
    Hitmans have the right to try their luck to win top gang but at the same time Hitmans should not focus all round on single assaults ( to get kills / upping stats ) and spend only ( few days / few hits ) on gang assaults ( to get gg points ), we need to balance it wisely.
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    I have a suggestion for this topic too.
    Assassins are the key for the game now and we all know that, but if you can separate the assault power from SOLO and Gang would be more fair.

    Example :
    Solo Attack power : Based on strengh and resistance
    Gang attack power :inteligence and resistance

    That would at least make the gang attacks with 5/6 players, not one spy and one strong account attacking.

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    I will add this to planing for ROUND 118 ...

    Thanks !

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    hi there,
    usually, you get complaints (you call these complaints bitching and rants), in proportions of 100% from players who are loosing. this post (suggestion) is from a player who won the top gang.
    can you add this also to the planning team: a new system of points at gang robs. as we stand now each rob have a different level of skill required and some points attached to it. i consider it wrong and let me explain why. you try to take in consideration the difficulty of the rob and rewarded with more points if the rob requires more skill. why is it wrong in my opinion: you encourage gangs to NOT rob half of the game. why should anyone try to stay on all day and some hours in the night in the begining of the game to rob ac, bp or gb if he gets only 33 points for ac, 55 for df, 88 for bp, etc, when they can just start robs in day 50, straight with 688 for fk. big difference from 688 to 88. well, in my opinion that is wrong.
    about 25 years ago, when i was a dumb small kid i saw an interview at tv with some random football club owner who was trying to measure his club chances to save themselvs from relegation. there were about 5 more games left to play and they were on the last place. he starting to praise his team and hoped and prayed to god that they will win the last 5 games so they can survive. then it came to me: how stupid can you be to wait until the end of championship in order to win? why don't you win the first half and then you don't complain or do interviews at tv that your team is in such bad place.
    on the same page i ask you: why you force the teams to play just in the 2nd part of the round - starting with day 50?
    so my proposal for you dev team is: each NORMAL gang rob will worth an x sum of points (doesn't matter if it's 5 points or 200 or 1000). so if the gang robs rf, ac, fk, bb the points are the same. for special robs (illu, bg, wb) give 3 or 4 times the same points as a normal rob because they last 1 day.
    to be more precise: lets do an example: for each normal rob the points are: 5 for the player and 5 for the gang. for special robs 20 for the player and 20 for the gang. each ga should gain to the winning team just 200 points (it can be lowered or upgraded after good consideration).
    - tight score and imprevisible winner because 1 ga or 1 more rob can tip the balance.
    - the players need to really play the whole round in order to win
    - more traffic on site

    P.S.: i know you will try to argue that fk has more points because it involves more skill and bb again more points because involves more skill, etc. but, from my points of view, if not quite like this. even for oil when it comes in day 6 or 7 or 8 not all players have the necessary skill. even at day 5 for df not all players have yet the 24k skill required. same at bb or ro: not all players have the required skill to rob. so no matter what day it is the player needs to work for skill. so why should he be rewarded more after half of the game? rgds

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    How many hitmans are there in your gang ,RAZVAN ?! Your gang is a CLAN a Family, correct? therefore Hitmans should be the guardians/ protectors of your gang correct? So you should have that in your gang correct? Are there any ?!

    And let's not talk about you can actually OD , which you guys do not do anymore because you are no longer losing stats... and as we all know stats are far more important to you than
    To give same gang points to small robs is simply something that I won't even answer to and I am not,because I was a player and as a player I think that idea is simply STUPID !!!! Like I can't even fathom how you came up with this, and again I am saying it as an EX PLAYER and I won't even explain why that is a really BAD BAD IDEA since you clearly are forgetting some important things here.

    Now before I continue this conversation I will wait your answer to my original question..

    Have a nice day !

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    I will answer all your questions (not only the first one) only if u promise you can take / handle the truth (I don't mind to get banned). Remember again: all I say is backed up by proof. All you do is supposition.
    P.s. I am afraid this thread will have more clicks then crims itself.

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    Lightbulb Lech1922poznan

    Bebynho doesn't understand what's going on ... don't want to understand it ... are you doing a special edition for your friends? You know what players are going on ...
    It's best to do some group gang robberies and win top gg ..
    At the beginning, when you introduced that 3 gangs receive medals for the top, then it all made sense not to lose a gang point ... just statistics.
    For your awareness of us players it was much better.
    Why do we need statistics since we do not have gang points ...
    If the player chooses a killer then he should fight for the skull.
    Apparently for. You have to sweep all the loot .. without effort.
    As you can see, I'm not the only one who doesn't like this system.

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    hi. i promised a reply and i promised i will show you that all you said was suppositions. let go:
    you say: "How many hitmans are there in your gang ,RAZVAN ?! Your gang is a CLAN a Family, correct? therefore Hitmans should be the guardians/ protectors of your gang correct? So you should have that in your gang correct? Are there any ?!"
    why is a supposition: who said it MUST be as you want? a family doesn't need always hitman for protection. i choose to be a pacifist. i don't need to attack nobody. you imposed this system and all the players got used to it and everyone believed that this is the only way. well, i proved 3 rounds ago that there are other solutions also. (not to mention i DO have hitmans in gang - look again). the style you are trying to impose is to cheat, to steal, to betray. but, like in life, we can also be kind, polite, courtesy. idea: if u still want in gang absolutely necessary at least 1 hitman, make an upgrade to the gangs: the gang doesn't show in statistics if it doesn't have a hitman, a robber, a pimp, a broker, etc.

    you say: "And let's not talk about you can actually OD , which you guys do not do anymore because you are no longer losing stats... and as we all know stats are far more important to you than
    To give same gang points to small robs is simply something that I won't even answer to and I am not,because I was a player and as a player I think that idea is simply STUPID !!!! Like I can't even fathom how you came up with this, and again I am saying it as an EX PLAYER and I won't even explain why that is a really BAD BAD IDEA since you clearly are forgetting some important things here."
    why is a supposition: even you admit you WERE a player long time ago. that means u are not focused on 1 particular problem in depth. lets make an example: i am focused on robs - i should know robs extremely well. that make me noob in hitman, in broker, in other areas. and i am not afraid to admit it. but you still beliieve you are the best at everything. the game changes every round. if you dont play to see the change how it affects the strategy then yes, you CAN NOT tell a player who plays that specific role that he doesn't know what is he speaking of. example: my mom have a driving licence since she was young. she was used with a certain type of car (old one, maybe with daft shift, old mirrors, no computer on bord). she won't know how to drive best a brand new car like a young driver. the same with you: you still know the basisc of the game, but in depth .... basically, from my point of view, you are a businessman: u have a game to run. but this game has so many parts / components which change each month that is almost impossible for you alone to know all areas. here comes your moderators and helpers. they should know each one a part of the game. the guy who deals with gangs failed to show you the correct image. so u do changes by guessing. as proof: first time you introduced the system with points lost at ga instead of skill, you didn't knew exactly how much the procent should be. so u throw in 10 %. after first round you receive feedback (you call it rants and complaints) from players and realise there might be a mistake. so you lower the amount at 5 %. another round goes more complaints. the problem become worse so you decide to increade the points won in each rob maybe you make them shut up. again complaints. this round you proudly say that loss at ga is a fix 2 % dead or alive. not only that is still to much, but you lie also: here is the proof:
    Byl jsi napaden! Den 45 03:53
    Hodně z blízka si na vás posvítil gang ..::Baietii cu Izoleta::.. prohráli jste, srágory ! Člen gangu, který byl napaden byl pukimak.
    Tvá změna gangových bodů: -101293
    Gangové body: -580711

    -101293 = 4 % of the gang points the player had

    Remember beby: i dont make suppositions: i only present FACTS. i know that always the truth hurts. but, as i said, from the beggining of my post, i am a fair person, kind, i don't need the style stryker has: cheat, lie, betray.

    further more: i felt your anger in your reply. i also felt the ANGER in your words. an idea may be bad (although i can PROOVE it is still a good idea), but do you really need to underline your supposition? what if i start a poll with the players and, most of them will agree with my idea? you have to implement it then. even if it is "simply STUPID" or "a really BAD BAD IDEA". you can't argue with that, here's why: about 20 rounds ago u did a poll in the middle of the round if a change should be introduced or not. i was one who opposed to the idea to change the rules during the game (i didn't said the proposal was good or bad, just don't do the change during a live game). surprisingly, the change got the most votes so the very next day you HAD to implement it. so be very carefull what you wish for. now lets see why my idea may still be good: your way (the way is now the ga) gives hitmans the chance to make gang points WITHOUT robbing once during all game. i can accept that. the problem still stays in the amount they can gain from ga. basically they play for kills and can spare 5-10 tickets each day for 5-10 ga. that is the main problem for which the other gang keep sending you your requested feedback. it is not fair that a hitman can steal the robbers 3-4 hours work in 5 ga. now is my time to do a supposition (at least myself i have 4 rounds depths in this matter so my supposition may be more accurate): the ga should give 0.5 %. this way the hitmans MUST decide if he play for kills or for gang.

    again: i have nothing against anyone. all i say i think is correct. i know you will try to overtake it and changed it. and i have a hint how you will do it: i used to work in office and i had a boss who spoke a lot. you give him a problem and he starts to talk. after 5 min of talk you forget what was the problem and then he hit you and does whatever he really wants: example: all palyers complain about lags: you are the only one who say there are no lags. after a while u call them "latency". then u speak a bit more in that post and change the subject and in the end you come clean. the main problem still remain. maybe some players forgot about it, but others still have it and see the truth.

    i am open anytime to any subject you want. again - with real arguments.

    P.S.: it wasn't my intention to upset you. i had a hard day in work also. but what it true stays true.
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    Default Lech1922poznan

    support it and in terms of gg point gain in my opinion the percentage should be 0.4%. That's all. Reshte wrote.

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    In my opinion the GA is good now, 2% for every smack its a decent number. Why? Because u can ****ing avoid it with 1 single click. Dont come here and tell me its easier for 2 ppl to smack 1 ga which requires at least 6 clicks in total from 2 different players than making 1 click on the shitty button that takes energy to take overdose. Once you meet someone in rave, you can take overdose before the attackers can even blink. You can argue that sometimes it gets laggy and they manage to smack...true..BUT this happens in 1/10 GAs that your gang take, and do you know how i know this? Because last round we managed to smack top gangs a lot of times, and guess what, everytime we managed to set the GA on the same players because they refuse to take overdose.. EVEN THE ****ING LEADERS WERE REFUSING TO TAKE OVERDOSE and i think i said enough with this.

    Another thing, you want the early gang robbs to count as much as FK in terms of gang points..well that's one of the worst ideas i've ever heard. Nobody besides the players who play for top gg would ever robb them, for top respect they are a waste of tickets and in my opinion, for top gang, the fight should be decided between top players, not top robbers in gg should be a balance between the most powerfull accs(the hitmans), top respect players and also gang points received from robbs..with the changes that you are proposing, to make GA almost useless and also to give a lot of gg points for the early robbs, you are basically saying that you want this to become a fight between noobs who will never play for any top, they will just login, make 300 tickets in gang with their friends and then log off until next day. What kind of "top gang" is this? a top gang should have top members right? how can u propose a battle for top gang where the winners are not even top 30 respect, not even top 100 power, they just robbed like headless chickens some uselses robbs and won the medal..are u serious?

    Also , i strongly believe that jails should also hurt a lot the gang in terms of gang points..for example, why if you take jail you lose the gg points that you will make back in 50% energy? for real? Here i come with an idea. Remove the loss of stats when the gang gets jailed(since the players are not losing stats in solo robbs too) and make them lose gang points about 5% of total gang points / jail? I guess it should be every embarassing for a leader to get jailed with his gang, it means he is not good enough to control the members and the jail should hurt the gang chances to win.Uhmm.. maybe 5% is too much , let's say 2%. What do you think?

    A thing that i can agree with you, even tho you didnt mention it or at least not in this thread from what i saw, but i know you dont like it, its the fact that people can just milk gang points from other players before the round ends. So here we must come with some ideas in order to stop this shitty thing.
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