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Thread: Error site!

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    Default Error site!

    Hi there ,
    I have a problem with the main page ,the page keep refreshing automatically.
    I coulnt play all day long.Can you tell what is happening please.Thank you

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    try clear u browse's cache...


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    I did and still the same.By the way I am playing from my phone .Worked 1 day then from one point when I entered just refreshing.What can i do ?I can play only from Facebook.Thank you

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    I faced an issue like this in the middle of the round, in my case I spent all the round credits and if you have 0 credits, then ads start showing in the game. That's perfectly fine, but if you have some sort of adblock on, then the game will just log you out without any notification so you're left guessing. Turning adblock off or getting some more credits fixed it for me, if you have 0 credits, check that any adblock you might have is turned off

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    This was happening to me I reset the cookies on the page and it worked again.

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    First of all, please log in from phone and make a successful log out.

    Then, please clean cookies and history on browser.

    You can continue to play.
    Your Sincerely
    eagleking52 / Tolga Gedik
    Abuse Team Leader

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    Hi, in my phone still dosent work,i cant log in ..But i will still can play in FB SECURE and i can from there in my phone,but in my Browser i can ,its not an issue anymore for me .Thank you for reply.Keep doing this ,you all doing a great job



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