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Thread: Game Update !!

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    Exclamation Game Update !!

    Hi boys,

    Like always I am looking for total transparency so I want to give you the latest info on the small changes/ fixes we have done during this round and especially why we made said changes.

    So I want to talk to you about some things making this post quite long. I hope you guys will have the patience to read it because it will explain many, many things.
    These are the topics:

    1. Lag and assaults in and out of rave
    2. Exit button bug
    3. Grey screen
    4. 2 Pages

    Before I get started I hope all those that will take the time to read this post will understand that I am not a developer but I am the guy that passes the information from our dev to you, the player.

    So let's get started

    1. Lag or how memox likes to call it latency, will always be present in The Crims and we will feel a lot because TC is quite a dynamic game compared to other browser games.
    So the lag could come from the player, our data base, the pusher or the server ... As you can see way too many variables and clearly at one point in the day If you are doing 1000 tickets there is a slight possibility you might have issues with lag and many of you felt it when you got assaulted ....

    I want to point out that everything that is happening in rave is handled by a pusher system that we do not control so this is why you sometimes had the impression you got hit outside the rave.
    All assaults happen in the rave but because of latency you might get the message you got attacked or died when you are already on another page.. It is a pain, I know but it is always related to latency and not a bug.

    2. Exit button bug..

    Here,we did have an issue and it appeared with the change we made in raves this round. First I want to explain what the bug was because many of you confuse it with lag ...

    Step 1 : I enter rave take stamina , press Exit
    Step 2: At the same time I press EXIT another player enters the Rave refreshing or blocking my exit button making so I have to click it again
    As you can see there were 2 situation and both were quite difficult to replicate , we actually spent 30 minutes on BETA 2 3 days ago trying to replicate it with 5 other players and we couldn't do it.

    What is not a bug is the following situation

    Step 1: I enter the rave a player is already there or he enters after I up stamina
    Step 2 : I press exit but the button takes time to respond .. and i get hit THIS IS SIMPLY LATENCY so please do not report it since again, we can't control it.

    3 Grey screen

    Again this grey screen we all hate hehe... but it seems we need it. We are still trying to figure out where to put it .. after the exit button or after we actually leave the rave.

    4. How to play the game ...

    We always advised people to not play on more than 1 page since that may cause problems and for those problems we do not take responsibility

    I hope I answered many of your questions because I know that as player not knowing why things happening can be quite frustrating.
    I want you guys to know we are always working to improve the game and create a perfect environment even tho it is quite hard since we have 1 dev and basically NO BETA.

    thanks for your patience
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