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Thread: Idea !!!

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    Hello all,

    As this topic was brought to my attention, I would like to give you my input and a few more ideas around enhancing the Prison section of the game as is.

    I do agree with you that certain people gave up playing due to the drastic changes to the Hitman profession and also the increase for the breakouts, but that doesn't stop certain people from using macros/bots/scripts - they still exist, that I can assure you of, but, they're not as many as before due to the no reward and the aforementioned changes. I would like to tell you that this has a great impact over the honest and Hitman-lovers, which still invest a huge amount of money into the game, and honestly it's killing us. I, for one, feel extorted.

    Now, to support your idea, I do like the initiative that the Raids should also come with a small discount over the bailouts, and that it creates a confusion in the decision making (whether to rob or not, if it's worth it or not), which could be evaluated at the beginning of the round. I do say that because the list of ships and events is generated randomly at the beginning of the round, and it can be intervened on in cases where gang events and police raid comes at the same time. This could be done even now, and I see no problem into it - the only "roadblock" would be the implementation time.

    My two cents on this matter, is to focus less on the PAID services, and focus more on the game theme, which is Roleplay. Stop giving him reasons to turn this game into a much more pay-to-win game, because it's already exaggerate, and as you well see, he's more than happy to implement them

    As I've told Bebynho over Skype, it would be nice if the Prison would contain a bit more interactivity, such as having the possibility to team up with other jail mates and beating the guards to reduce the time spent in prison - this would prove beneficial on the bail formula as well, because the less time you have left, the less you have to pay, no matter the profession.

    The missions that could be introduced into the Prison section of the game should have some funny outcomes as well - for example, if you team up with people, and the guards call for backup and you get caught, let's say that you get beaten by them to a pop, and send you to the Jail hospital, which should be 45 minutes, instead of 1H (for the prison), or should reduce the time spent in a nice way that would still make it un-abuse-able.


    I might have not entirely covered everything I had in mind, but I'm more than happy for a open-discussion as this could grow into a very nice idea overall that could make us enjoy the game more. Let's stop bashing the Hitman profession for once; we, the hunters, are not the plague of this game - some of us, have some etiquettes and know the importance of a Hitman in the game - we do have the potential to control the game, to decide to be fair, or not, so on and so forth. Most Hitman players are just acquainted to jumping from rave to rave, but I can tell you, as a Hitman, your game is as complex as a top respect player, maybe even more complex in certain areas

    Survival of the fittest only the strong survive!

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    Hi TheLeoLunatic

    I think that the prison and 30 credit incidents were explained beautifully, congratulations are a logical idea.

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    yes I agree with this idea. In a 300-ticket heist, you can be jailed at least 5 times, and that's a lot. credit should be reduced, at least on raid days....

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    no need or want

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    Hello Diamond,

    What is the reason of replying this now afyer 1 year?
    Your Sincerely
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