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    Lets start with the end: "Have a good day". Thanks for wishes. Back at you: "all the best".
    Now that the galanteries are out, lets get to the point (better said points): I wrote you a few posts ago that almost everything you say is a supposition and, as someone said "suppositions are the mother of all wrong doings". (I don;t like liers or, in your case - misleader).
    - your first paragraph with the reason why u changed the skill lost at ga into points: I never argued that it is wrong (that is your misleading); I never requested to change back (again misleading) . How you change the game is your choice. All i did was to suggest to change a mear fraction of the game which i still consider i am right about.
    - 2nd paragraph: "a 2nd gang never has the chance to rob again". again lies: when I won, 80 % of the round i was under stryker in skill. i had to force my team to stay low with respect because we were keep loosing ga. only at the end we were stronger. End meaning last 10 days. so we were "another team" with lowest power and still rob.
    - 3rd paragraph: i got as prv msg those complaints. for example: DAKAR Day 91 06:44 you complain about GA at forum but your guys don't stop doing it... only myself lost around 600k of gg points today with your guys. this is again your misleading. why? we can play only after you change the rules. if some of us adapt faster and others can't, that is not my problem. All i did was to try to win by YOUR rules. Nothing stopped the rest of the players to do the same.
    - the paragraph with Memox: maybe i am a bit old but i am pretty sure i never complained about which upgrade to do first (for the past 7 rounds all i say is lower ga %). misleading
    - now the cherry on the cake. your "P.S.". 1st "p.s": i wrote almost in ever post: I asked for % of ga to be changed for EVERYONE. as a proof, i never played for myself after I won, I was always the hard worker for someone else. where do you see free stuff for me when i ask a change which affect all the players? misleading. 2 nd "P.S.": what u try to insinuate (misleading) is that i paid players to work for me and keep the gang for me. What you don't want to say or you didn't noticed (but you tried to be fair by saying that it doesn't matter the way you win - hats down to you in this point), my plan was fair: the players i "paid" were wining something in return: most of them got a gang medal which they didn't had and they wanted it. so, from my point of view, i lost because i provide them with credits and a gang medal. normally everyone should have worked hard in robs like me in order to get the medal. the credits were a bonus. not to mention that i paid other players before the round started and they stopped play or stopped help the gang after a few days. But that was my problem (since I am NOT a great leader - in your opinion - yet I planned for that loss before the round started - how do you explain this?). Besides, I never wanted to be the big kahuna chef. This is the big difference between me and the rest of players (gen Stryker): Stryker each round had his "little dogs" work for him, he takes all the medals, and he proclaimed himself the best player, when in fact the team does all the work. Myself, after I won, next round i played as a ahrd worker for Heniek25 or Melkor to win, this round I try also as the hard worker for ARL to win, next round for Sorin to win and so on and so forth.
    this round another big blunder - misleading: when a person goes to the shop to buy a bread, he reads the price tag underneath the product and tries to pay. the salesman laughs and says: sorry bro but the bread is double the price. how come? ask the customer. your tag say that this is the price. well, says the salesman, i put a sign on a pole around the corner and that sign says that the price is double. same with you. on your at section changelog you have some rules, i play by them (i see no point into looking around the corner), and after a while i find out that the price is double and i CAN not use the rule for 50 % of the robs as gang points without trust because u post another rule on forum (the pole outside the shop) = misleading. your answer when i asked about it? "not my problem u don't know were to read" - typical as the bread salesman. but did I complained about your answer? no. i kept going and try to do my best with your change (or, from your point of view, my lack of reading the pole).
    - like another player (I apologise that i don't know his nick) has on his profile: "we complain about lags on servers / thecrims crew answer = we have the best servers).
    I see myself put in the situation again and again to say: if you want to acuse me of something do it with proof.

    P.S.: a suggestion: at the end of each round, all players can click on any player and see their money, skill, etc. Is there any way you can do the same with the gangs? for example, if i click one gang, to see all the info like in the same format that the leader see it? full details about each player in gang, hoe many robs he did, out of how many robs, how many gang points each player had, etc. this way all players can build another strategy for next rounds.
    I really wish you a good day. I know i will have.
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    Dude .. really at this point i am quite tired of having this sparing match with you since you clearly refuse to understand the main issue and you are set in your ways, which I do understand from a player's point of view. You want stuff to be easy ..I get it !

    Once and for all, the changelog is done by memox so you should send him an email explaining to him how everything is misleading ..

    I waste my time , writing posts on forum and making clips and here you come saying you do not have enough info and this is why you can't play or this is why you made idk what mistake.

    What I really dislike is being called a LIAR !!! So when I say something it means I kind know from sources you did pay hitmans and not once to stay in your gang .. but again is not something to be ashamed of so you do not have to get defensive about this.

    Now I am going to close this thread because it gets me nowhere basically .. but i want you to remember this little fact. With the changes we are making to gang I will be looking at losing stats from GA again .. and I can't wait to see what your complaints will be then.

    PS: I will tell memox to remove the changelog and start sending emails with the changes .. with the forum links + youtube clips ( i waste my time with ) so maybe you won't be feeling so lost next time.



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