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    Quote Originally Posted by razvan7 View Post
    beby you say "I want you guys to see I do take feedback seriously and I think it is time for gangs to see a change."
    well. permit me to show u the players opinion (very carefull: i don't force anyone to say what i want. i just want to give the players a chance to have their voice heard - it may also very well not be on my taste also). u say that you want to improve the gangs. well, all the changes you are planing to do are in the same line for the last 4 rounds. you increase the points won in robs in the hope that the robbers will shut up. even with these new missions and new changes you don't change a thing: again u give more points for the gang but, the ga still is able to steal all of them. don't start with overdose especially now when u don't hear a sound nor see when someone is in your club.
    so, my proposal is this: each player just simple login in, reply to this poll thread and choose one of the 2 options: 2 % or 0,4 % at ga (my target should be at 60 % of the votes).

    - razvan7 / id 15185490
    - i choose 0.4 % ga
    - RioSiniTro
    - 0,4%

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    - xGui
    - eu escolho 0,4% ga

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    getting in to be fairer reduces the number of points and takes back stats from gang members 1% of stats

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    - Killerek23/ 17489910
    - I choose 0.4% ga

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    Why ?!

    Why is this an issue ?!

    Now I was a player like all of you and I can tell you guys you make 0 sense here.

    When you were losing stats and getting milked daily 90% of you didn't even have stats to rob bitcoin or the last robs... 80 % of the gangs were just there but not robbing at all.

    So I remove stats gains from the equation giving you the chance to rob and do your thing. The problem here is the following, people do not OD anymore ... why !? because they do not care , what is important in the end are the STATS and now since you are not losing stats anymore in your mind you can get smacked daily.

    So, just in case many of you forgotten how the game was played since basically R 10 ... THE GANG WITH THE MOST POWER WINS !!! It has always been like that and unless gangs are changed or gang leaders learn to adapt it will always be like this.

    If any of you think that having 12 robbers in a gang will actually win you the TOP 1, you are wrong and the changes coming R 119 will make it even harder to win top 1 with that mentality.

    What you are basically doing is trying to change the game AGAIN because you cant adapt and I am telling you this as a player that weirdly enough was leader of a gang for quite some rounds.

    I do agree, an account with 30 k robs should probably not have 5 kk less points than one that did 3 k so that being said we again adjusted the gang points given but I will not lower the percentage from 2% which btw I already find ridiculous .

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    hi all. first let me put it simple: i don't care about the gangs anymore. the reason is simple: all i did until here was to HELP other players. i already won the top gang medal, so it was of no more importance for me. but i tried to give a helping hand to the rest of the players. since the response was so low, why should i try anymore? if you (players) don't want / need help - good riddance.

    "Why is this an issue ?!"
    - i can answer to that question: like u say, "It has always been like that". well, in my opinion, this phrase has something wrong in it: you start from the premises that you did a good thing modelling the gangs this way. may i remind you that nothing is perfect in this world? per example: only the most powerfull gang wins. you want traffic on your site. by doing your system, in the past 4 rounds only 1 or 2 gangs robbed and fought for the top gang. 3 rounds ago me vs stryker, 2 rounds ago stryker alone, last round *** alone. last round has a mention to do about: the rest of players thought that this 2 % will be fair. so they started to play (this proof my point - if you LOWER the ga stats the players will come and play): almost half of the game there were about at least 6 gangs robbing (that is traffic for your site. if you try to compare 1 or 2 gangs vs min 6 gangs ... guess which system is in your favor). as soon as the gangs realised that this 2 % (the "issue" for you) is to much, they stopped play = less traffic for your site. so, as a result, if you lower that 2 % ga you shoot 2 rabbits with 1 bullet: more players will play and more traffic on your site. as per that bullshit that are more credits spent this way (your way) i can argue that your way has only 1 gang spending credits (the gang with the power), while my way, out of at least 6 gangs playing, there will be more credits in use. so basically, from my point of view, you shoot away / dismiss an opportunity just because u think is the best. but i don't care anymore. the rest of the players are 2 faces: in private they (at least 50 players wrote to me) say 1 thing, then, when i started this poll FOR THEM, they just look around.

    - again: why your system is not perfect: the way it is now, the top1 gang had around at least double points more difference to the 2nd gang in the past 4 rounds. if you lower ga, the gangs will fight more and play more. exactly what you want: traffic and a balance. like it is now, the main gang kills the game since day 50-60. why don't you try a round with 0,4%? if it will be so wrong u can increase. but at least give it a try.

    P.S.:no matter which idea would have been implemented (0,4 % ga, or the same amount of points for each rob from day 1 to day 120) it is still way better then the actual system - just saying.
    all the best (please close this thread - i already can imagine how they will write here in day 50 next round, when they see again the ga)
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    Default 1%

    I think bebynho that you kill this game. I have a lot of friends in the game who like me do not like this system. You should depend on traffic. I think 1% is the maximum. I think that the more rivalry between gangs the more credit circulation and interest in the game. Using bingo people will invest more if they have anywhere to jump.I believe that a larger jump bonus for the group should be introduced.Greetings friends
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    Hi, I might be too late in the topic, but I agree with Razvan7, it's not a strategy thing, nor even that players don't care. But a GA happens! And when it happens it hurts, and it hurts bad!!!

    I play this game since Round 36, back then we had our own nightclub, so we only got a GA when a player betrayed the team, and it happened all the time. Of course it wasn't a game problem, so we moved on.

    But now it's a completely different game, at least once in 10 times I enter in my own nightclub I find another player there (even hiding inventory points). I'm a very fast robber (some say proficient hunter, I can say proficient robber), most of the time I buy drugs and leave the nightclub without a second, but there's a problem with this "Exit" button that I press it and it doesn't automatically leave the nightclub (we know it's not a game problem, it's how internet works, you're working to improve it), so how will I know that a proficient hunter planned a GA and I can have the chance to leave the gang or to take an overdose?
    Another thing, as I stated before, is that at least one in 10 times there's someone in the nightclub, I can't know who will plan a GA, it depends in my feeling, when I see some players I don't care, others I take an overdose or leave the gg, but it's not feasible to take an overdose or leave the gang every **** time I find someone. So every now and then a GA happens, and when it does, from day 40 the 2% is a lot of thing, it's so many tickets, so much wasted time.

    I already spend a lot of credits getting my partners out of hp because they're killed by hitmen, sometimes I have to leave myself from hp too because every now and then it happens to be killed. But the hitman professiona is a nice thing, they're doing their job, we're doing ours. But being gg attacked and losing a lot of time and money is not worth it.

    I didn't buy the VIP 3 this round because it was my first round playing after so many time (with limitation of time because of work), but I planned to do that, I bought a VIP that gave me extra gg point, but in a GA I lose much more than if I didn't buy the VIP. Basically I'm spending my money to give gg points to another player that have the ""strategy"" of playing with hitmen in the gg. If I die or get attacked by a hitman that's ok, because that's the only way a hitman can do their job and kill a player, and when he does that I'm not so harmed in the point of view of my objective in the game (top gg), he gets his kill, I lose some stats but I can recover either in training or in solo/gang robberies, but gg points you can only do with robs.

    My point of view: you should either decrease the gg points in GA or make other way of gaining gg points such as donations, or new features like create a laboratory for the gg, where the players put the components in there and the profit of this be distributed between players with gg points (proportionally to robberies).
    - wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are - (Kurt Cobain) -


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    i didn't wanted to answer. but Beby thinks of himself above the rest. and he is wrong. he claims he will listen to the players voice, he claims he will listen to a person when he makes a valid poin t and that person doesn't request a change that only "suits him". but look at evidences:
    - all players say the ga percentage is to big. what Beby does? he doesn't admit it in one sentence: "yes guys ... i was wrong, i apologize". he try to dissimulate the mistake buy lowering the ga (in first instance) from 5 % to 4 %, next round from 4 % to 2 %, and next round those 2 % (from whole players points gained from robberies, donations, etc) to just 2 % (only from gang points won in robs). Beby: it's been 6 rounds since u are still WRONG. the change i tried to make it is for EVERYONE benefit. the percentage should be about 20-30 tickets points gain from robs. I don;t know if that is 0,4 % or whatever. u have the numbers to see and u still have the COMPLAINTS (you call them runts; funny thing is that you ask for feedback and, when u get it, u ignore it or called it runts) from players. it all started with polish gang guys who were just robbing and nobody could catch them. so Beby introduced ga points lost but, since he didn't knew how much to put, he just throw in a number. and, since then, EVERY round only 1 gang robs. u even write in forum u want more gangs to rob and play for top but u don't listen to the problem which STOPS player from playing. (I don't say it will solve all the problems but at least is a start point). Even now, that i win top gang again i say THIS IS WRONG. one gang can kill the game in day 10.
    again: Beby, u know the game, but u don't know each character in depth and how a small change affects each profession.
    since round 7

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    Razvan ...

    Where have you been in the past 14 years of the CRIMS .-...? I was here and I was actually playing for top .. idk what you were doing but I did that so let me explain how it worked ..
    Players like you would've lost their stats by day 50 .. MILKED.. so no FK no Cr no nothing.. Well in order to protect said players I created like 20 limitations to stop players getting milked and in the end to TOP IT and to make the game beyond easy we decided to remove stats from GA ..

    Result : You and your robbers , managed to win 1 top gang and after that round you actually have the impression the same strategy has to be the same.
    Back in the day : day 20, you would have had 1 team that had all the power and that would not allow a second gang to rob .. NEVER EVER ... Last round we had 4 or 5 gangs robbing ... so please keep telling me how many mistakes I made.

    What complaints I got ?! From players from your gang ? Should I show or post here those complaints regarding the removal of stats ?! and complaints coming from those that can't milk you ?!
    Should I post here comments from players mocking this post ?! Or from people that do not understand how you can actually ask something like this when to set a GA they have to look for an assault for 1 h ?

    You are here advocating your cause meanwhile other people are advocating theirs ... and I am in the middle...

    Well you are correct regarding one thing, I am to blame because the moment I removed stats from GA , NOBODY AND I MEAN NOBODY ODS anymore !!! Ofc there is no need since you do not lose stats....

    With the change of assault I will consider bringing back stats gains from GA .. and I want to see what you will be doing when with each GA you will lose 5% of your stats ... I want to see what complains you will have next time !!!

    If Memox finishes gangs next round , finally a gang wont be just rob rob rob rob ... so I want to see what strategy you will have since you already told me you do not like the fact you wont be able to upgrade what you want day 1..

    PS: what ever change we make there will always be someone complaining because the change won't suit the way he plays ... the thing is some complain with reason and some just want " free/easy " stuff
    PS2: You are not winning top gang , you are paying credits to people to hold your gang with stats ... this is what I heard at least. That being said,one can win in what ever matter they see fit !! I used to give credits to hitmans as well when I played If i wanted my gang to be the most powerful... the difference is : I CAN ADMIT IT meanwhile you are here preaching to be the ultimate gang leader , the only one that realized , in the past 15 years , that THERE WILL ALWAYS BE 1 GANG ABOVE ALL OTHERS ... Thank you very much...

    I won't be putting a round here like you did , because it seems I am the only one here that remembers how gangs used to work... which is funny to me since you are presenting yourself as someone who KNOWS the GAME and who understands gangs, like you are the only one that made a top gang... interesting..

    Have a good day !
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