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Thread: *derTigerx

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    Default *derTigerx

    Can someone explain how he isnt banned? Youre telling me no one noticed he is attack botting? or the devs dont give a shit? i thought you guys dont hesitate when it comes to botters and dont want to lose players?

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    Dont know where my answer ended before but write him dm if he will be that kind and start a stream for you, hes 100% clean and also good guy

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    Quote Originally Posted by onderland View Post
    Dont know where my answer ended before but write him dm if he will be that kind and start a stream for you, hes 100% clean and also good guy
    I know I'm quick when it comes to clicking at the game, but the rate at which he attacks, its physically impossible to select the functions and execute them without any script assistance.

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    yeah right very clean man, its just to obvious the bot
    but its just like real world, if you pay you are good

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    I've been told about this forum post, also saw it myself. Got to say, MOM I'M ON TV!!! Honestly now, relax, you're pointing fingers at a proficient hunter with over 10k hours inside this new rave system and I'm not even accounting the hours spent on this game all-in-all, a blasting fast internet on fiber optics, equally fast laptop and sharp reflexes among with trained hand-eye coordination. You guys seem to never understand that I initiate assaults only when I know I'm at my fastest, if I feel slow, I'm leaving you alone - here, an exposure of one of my techniques, maybe you'll also learn something.

    Last round, I've streamed how I play, this round, I've submitted countless videos and aside of that, there are more factors into how you perceive the hits. As far as I'm concerned, and I've also asked the crew, there is no way I'll ever convince all of you I'm clean, so I won't even bother.

    What you should account is that you'll never be the best at something - we're 7 billion people to say the least, what really makes you stand out? If you are convinced you are as agile as you say, then prove it - I've been doing it for countless rounds and my account's statistics says enough. Want to know how I got better? I start from the bottom and always end up among the strongest, without any help but my own efforts.

    Thanks for the feedback though, I see it as a compliment but after so much time, it gets boring and I start to perceive it as an insult to my efforts

    #- Edit with video

    See for yourself. Imagine how it would be if I were to play on a Desktop rather than a laptop, as the motherboard is smaller and clustered with embedded components, sometimes leading to a small latency (gray screen is visible) - what would you call me after? This isn't even my fastest, as the screen recording software drops some frames.


    The one you call a bot.
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    Survival of the fittest only the strong survive!

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    Ahahahah u bot Tiger xD



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