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    Snälla sluta låt beby hålla på med sina stalin fasoner och ta förhastade beslut som gör såna stora förändrar i spelet, utan att rådfråga med spelarna och dem andra i crewet, vad jag har förstått det som.

    För han lyckas göra detta gång på gång.


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    Who told you I went all dictator on the game ... he is correct ! ...

    I wake up every morning and change stuff, not because I actually have chats with players that spend over 100 H playing the game.. I make them because I get bored and I want to keep Memox busy.. you can email him , he will confirm.

    1. Crew is here to do crew things.
    2. There is a planning team, that actually decides or agrees on at least 90 % of the changes
    3. Consulting players ?!... If I were to listen to players, we would ve closed the game 8 months ago so no TY. When a player wants to make a change is because it suits him and not the game .. so idk why should I be listening to " players " . The few ones I do listen or well, consider their advice is because they think about the game and the new players and those are few and in between.

    Thank you for the post... I think it is the 1st post we had in Swedish in the past 5 years



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