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    Default Changes for Round 120 !

    Hey boys and girls

    This round will bring some changes to professions and some new gang features.
    Let's get into it

    1. General changes
    * 50 kk more stocks have been added to the stock market ... true it is not a direct change to broker but he is the one that moves the most stocks so I will add this change here
    * Starting next round Black Thursday will have a value between 5%-10 %
    * We have increased the number of Economies and Police reinforcements by 50 %. This is a little bit tricky since from my understanding it was already set to a higher number than what we used to see in the game. Basically it is more or less random.
    * You will now lose a ticket if you are attacked in rave
    * Starting this round If you reset your account will lose your gang trust

    2. Pimp
    * We went back to the change we made a couple of rounds ago where pimp had to sell to 5 boats in order to reach lvl 11. Starting next round we reduced back to 4

    3. Businessman
    * Businessman will now have a deficit of 7% when selling drugs in dealer

    4. Hitman
    * Since we decided to change stats distribution hitman has lost a lot of his power so we decided to increase his AP from 15% to a max 25 % at lvl 12

    5. Gang changes

    We added 3 new features

    1. Gang bank - which allows you to invest your gang points ( rob + stats points ) giving you some interest. You can only invest 50 % of your points and the investment will take 40 days TC ( we may change this number once the round starts )
    2. Street fights - allows the gang leader to set up a GA on random BOTS. If you win vs them you will get stats + loot( random items, stats , hookers ) but if you lose , you will lose 5% of your stats. Only trusted accounts can take part in the assaults and a specific number is required for each assault . Every 5 TC days !
    3. Drug mules - allows the gang leader to bring for each trusted member of the gang an amount of drugs. Every 10 Tc days !

    For more info on the changes and what or why we went this way please check our youtube channel

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