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    Cool Vip too expensive in Brazil

    The Brazilians are majority in game, the price of vip it's expensive in our conrrency, should value our great community.
    I know the game needs to keep going, need profits.. However, forcing the vip at this price, harms brazilians... Vip has become fundamental in game, now lack affordable price.
    -With lower price more people put
    -People with vip spend on credits
    -Vip even with lag has more motivation to play, he invested, torna-se jogador presente...
    -Expensive VIP many don't even get excited to start playing
    -The game is going through a phase with a lot of lag, the vip most expensive, players demands maximum quality in the game, rightly so.

    The game needs improvement, because you need a lot of time to stand out playing. Now there's vip dude... Most of the population of the largest audience in the game, will not have access to vip in this amount.

    The current vip animates the player, allows him to have more hopes in the game, everyone who puts vip at some point thinks about winning something, stand out.

    Want solution or financial improvements pro game only using a vip, the vip could just be part of a set in the hands of many.

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    Ok let me answer as best as I can

    - This is a business that cannot run on AIR ...
    - I love it how people that are complaining about the VIP find the money to smoke a pack of cigs a day and go party every weekend and yet here you are asking me to reduce the prices of the VIP. Prices that are set like this for one little reason : It helps us to keep the game going .. If there was a chance for us to make real money with having VIp with credits we would have that BUT THERE IS NOT !

    So next time you are having a beer remember you went on a forum to complain you can't afford to pay 15 euros for VIP .. which for me in profit is actually 3 or 4... but you had the time to pay for that beer.

    I am so tired of the lag issue since I addressed it so many time I won't even bother answering to be honest. You can check forum ...

    have a nice day and the answer to your request is a big NO ... btw I reduced the price from 20 to 15 because of the corona virus and that is already showing in a loss for us not that it is important to you since you do not care and probably think we are making at least 1kk per round. You can rest assured we are not !! If we were we would've had 20 developers working on the game and not just 1!!

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