Hello .

We have 2 free transactions per TC day at Stock Market
Will be great if you add another Item in BlackMarket.

Something that guarantees a transaction when buying or selling stocks.

for example : 1 power of involvement in business = buy for 5 Credit :P

And may be limited to 6 or 12 hours ( 1-2 TC days ) from the time it is purchased

With this option you will also increase the number of credits purchased and for player the chance to be a successful Businessman

in my opinion is not enough just 2 transactions for 1 TC day because the number of stock is limited at 999.999
. so if you do a simple mathematical calculation result is 999.999 x (we say 1000$ profit for 1 stock) = 999.999.000$ so.. you must be very lucky to catch a 1000$ profit every day

the effort made with only 2 tickets is not enough for a stock exchange