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    Default Charity donation box

    Hello i came to suggest an idea to solve gang donation related problems
    I would like to suggest you guys make a donation box with no profit from it
    I would like to call it gang donation box to help the kids in need in thecrims city
    I see alot of gang are already upgraded to max and people cannot go up in levels or finish alleys
    This would solve all problems and save time answering tickets
    Thansk for your time!

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    I think this is a great idea.
    Those donations wouldn't be abusable, in order to upgrade the gang you still need trust, so we keep the same system of only trusted members can donate to the gang.
    No one takes profit from these donations. It might be easly added to the game in this round.

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    If this can be done by next round we will do it if not we will reduce the amount you have to donate at lvl 12 from 10 kkk to 8 kkk .. allowing you to go faster . I still do not understand how you did not donate 8 kkk at this point to be honest when you can get that amount from 1 item on buildings...

    I remind you guys this is a strategy game and these type of mistakes are ok if made by a guy that is playing for the first time but I do expect more from someone that is playing for a couple of rounds now.
    Question , can't you make your own gang ?! I mean you do have 4 trusts per round ... how come you got to the last trust available and did not donate .... questions , questions and more questions !!!

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    The problem here is not the amount of money but the amount of trusts
    It is not a mistake
    Most of the people get last trust in a gang and still have to donate in last levels , later on members donate and upgrade every single level leaving no room for donations
    Im speaking in behalf of all players once again trying to keep players in the game and sugesting a good idea
    But once again you come and talk about " reputation " there aint no questions mister only solutions = (
    Will be last one
    Thanks for the feedback

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    I agree with you, we should always be prepared for situations like this so let's talk about the amount you have to donate to reach the last level.

    You must have donated 10.8 kkk ( TOTAL ) to reach lvl 12 ... This is how much you need to donated during the game to reach lvl 12. Now a gang can have a max of 15 trusts ... so the MATHS says
    15 *11 = 165 kkk ... The gang would need the upgrades to be equal or higher than 165 kkk to allow all the players to donate and pass their levels .

    Here you have a print with the upgrades from my gang

    from this print I understand that normally every one from that gang , trust ofc , should be able to donate the 11 kkk in order to make level so I still do not understand how you did not hit the mark when basically the total upgrades of a gang are = to trillions.

    That being said we are looking into your suggestion and if our developer can do it for next round we will have it.
    Thanks for the feedback and the fact that I do not agree with you doesn't mean you should stop.... remember I was a player so clearly I will probably see things differently but it is because when i used to play I would actually calculate all my movements.
    Plus I mean this is how feedback works , you say something I contradict you and in the end we have to find a middle ground. Hehehe , you should see the Players Planning chat haha ..
    Good luck mate!
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