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Thread: Assault

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    Lightbulb Assault


    When you plan to remove assault section ?

    I think its very bad idea, there's a lot of bots , but i think it's better to play against bots (and keep tracking them) than remove assault...

    Maybe you should make a pool?

    Game will be really boring, and only bots (robbery bots) will play if you do it, please think about it again and ask players what they prefer, hunt is important part of this game and there's no fun in robbing only , i'm sure every one who play more than one round, prefer to keep assault even if it's hard to play cause of these bot's.

    Game is already bad cause of these changes , a lot of players stopped and if you continue this , no one will play soon...

    Max online players is 400, after removing assault, there will be less than 200 . please at least make one or two ronds beta without assault and check that is very very bad idea...

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    Hi there,

    The assault will not be removed .. we will just change it and I will explain why in a video and a post about it.

    There is not much of an option here ... and those bots as u call them , 5 6 every round are destroying the game for at least 5000 other .. and that is a HUGE number !!

    Polls are useless in TC ... the same people vote , some make multies so those do not tell me the real truth .. what does tell me is the feedback i read on a daily basis round after round.

    I hope the new assault will keep things interesting

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    I dont see whats going on beta. Just needs a huge rebuild on the system. Have a lot's of bugs/errors on the code which we don't know why happen as it's back end code. It's really annoying we cant play it as it's supossed and makes no sense at all



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