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    Default Apologies anytime soon Beby?

    Hi. You closed the thread when it suited you (suggestion: ask the guy you are talking with: "you finished?"), but you fell short in say sorry to Emre, supereggg and xlps (me - I don't need anything, i know I am right). There was an argument between 2 sides. One side made some accusations which were proven false. As a result you need to do something ... even if it goes against you ego.

    P.S.: you closed the thread for everyone else but, because it suited you, you posted something extra. Nice strategy.
    P.P.S.: in your extra post why don't you DARE to "name and shame" so that "People will go full xxx every round btw"?

    have a nice day

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    why would I ?!
    man wake up already and stop making posts just to spam...
    I never mentioned your name, you mentioned all the names here and not me so stop spamming here.

    You are giving yourself too much importance and it is not fun.



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