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    Default Kills does not count


    since last round I have noticed, that after certain period of time, I am not being added kills count to my account (in initial part of the game I killed 4 players and this was counted).
    They are not included in general kills count but also in The Alley tasks like "Boss", where you need to kill 3 people to meet the requirement.

    Today, again I killed other player, was sentenced for murder and went to prison, but kill was not added to my account.

    Did I skip anything in the rules?


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    Nov 2013


    Hello Kosa1910,

    Well, yes, you miss 1 change we made to kills.

    If there is more than 4 level difference between you and your victim, the kill you made does not count.

    You just get stats.

    If I am level 1 and if you are level 6, you can kill me, I go in hospital and you go in jail. But kill does not count.

    If I am level 10 and you are level 5, you can kill me again, but kill does not count.

    So, you have to make your strategy regarding this rule.
    Your Sincerely
    eagleking52 / Tolga Gedik
    Abuse Team Leader

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    all clear now.



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