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    Default how to play robber profession (for beginners) - starting with round 122

    How to play robber profession (for beginners) without VIP (zero credits):

    First thing to understand is that you have a limited number of tickets. That means you need to try to maximize the profit you can gain from those tickets (this applies for all professions).
    In order to grow steady (fast doesn’t matter here), you need to rob in gang. Gang robs give the most skill (better then solo robs until some point). Most of players will apply this tactic: 1st day rob as fast as you can solo to grow until you reach Al Capone skill. If you do that, when you have Al Capone skill you are left with about 30 tickets or so. A good (but slower tactic) is to rob in gang. Try (even if it looks silly, but it saves you tickets) to rob in gang starting from beginning. Start with the lowest, then go higher and more higher. Another problem is not to rob in virtual gangs (they give less money, about 20 % less, and also 1 gang point per rob).

    Very important is the team. You will need a team which can help you also with upgrades in gang. These upgrades give more bonuses, such as more money from gang robs or more skill when you train, more drugs from drug mules, more skill if you succeed in do the ga missions, etc.

    As soon as you reach lvl 3 you need to do training. Here you have multiple choices: depending on what your aim is, you can train intelligence (if you will focus on solo robs), tolerance (if you will focus on gang robs), strength (if you will focus on hunt) or charisma (if you will focus on pimp character). Since this thread is about robber I will explain this path. For robber path you still have multiple choices: train intelligence or tolerance. I prefer tolerance because, starting with day 5, oil comes to town and you will need 40k gang robbery power skill for it. (whoever plays solo can train intelligence in the hope he will have 52 k solo robbery power for starting with day 5 when drug king should come).

    From start you try to do as many alley mission as you can: they give you some good bonuses.
    So, if you start rob in gangs, by the time you reach level 3 you can buy buildings. The more expensive is the building that you want to buy, the more expensive the upgrades will be also (that does NOT guarantee the profit / returns). So, my best suggestion is to have a look at boats harbor and see which drug will come first and in what day. Depending on that, if it’s a drug for about max 40 $, you can buy that building. But, it MUST be the 1st building you buy it (otherwise the cost with upgrades will increase if it is bought in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th slot). For the rest of the slots I buy the cheapest buildings. Example: lets say the first boat will be heroine. Since is to expensive, then I will buy the following buildings, in this precise order: Weed (75k), Hasis (60k), Mushroom (60k), Pharmacy (50k) and Booze (40k). This order is the least expensive one to upgrade. You keep robbing in gang and, as soon as you make money, you upgrade the buildings. If you buy the most expensive buildings, you will have the surprise (because the upgrades are also much more expensive) that, when you finished the tickets, you don’t have enough money to upgrade all the way. If you upgrade in time and all the time the buildings then, in day 30 you should have all the buildings at maximum capacity.
    At the same time you buy your first building you must buy Laboratory in order to produce drugs from drug components. You need to upgrade this type of building also.

    You should reach Al Capone skill when you still have about 150 tickets left (which is a BIG difference from 30 if you rob solo). I would recommend you to rob all tickets at Al Capone and, by the time is day 5, your tickets would have gone back up to 450. So, in day 5 (with training included) you should be able to rob oil (if somehow you still don’t have skill for oil, try to collect from buildings, sell all your drugs, pass lvl 5, buy more guns and put all your skill you gain from passing lvl 5 (and alley mission) into tolerance and then you should have enough skill for oil). You must upgrade the buildings every day and also, try to reach as fast as you can lvl 5 so you can make more money from buying drug components and sell them, then buy some more drug components and sell some more. (p.s.: you can try to make some more money from stock market but this is not as profitable as robbing. The best you can do here, since you are not a broker, is to watch the prices, see which one goes up more frequently and buy some transactions - 2 of them I think is the limit now, and, as soon as the day changes, sell them for a very very small profit. Nevertheless it is still profit).
    A special mention is for event in day 1 like carnival. If that comes in day 1, then you must rob as fast as you can in order to reach 4k robbing power and then rob carnival. In the beginning, at carnival you will take about 120 skill per ticket. You should rob here until you have about 10k or 11k robbery power. (hint: if you want to maximize your skill gained, try to always have the limit of skill that the rob you are doing. Example: lets say you need to rob carnival. The necessary skill is 4.000. When you have about 3.600 you put your weapons and armor on and you rob about 30-40 tickets, then you take one of your weapon off and, from 4.500 you go down to 4.000. Then you rob another 20-30 tickets and take off your armor. Again you have 4.000 skill. So, no matter which rob you are doing, try to stay as much as you can to that limit. If you rob carnival with 10k for example, you will get about 60 skill per ticket, but if you rob carnival with 4.000, then you get about 120 skill per ticket). You can then start rob solo for more money at Pharmacy, Ambulance or Morrocan Harbour, or go again to gang robs at Al Capone.

    About investment in girls:
    -if you play for level 13, then you need to invest a lot of money in girls. Usually you buy girls in day 5 or 6 or whenever an event comes (drug king or oil). All your money will go into girls. Example: 100 girls of each top most expensive models: Miss Blonde, Sm Babe, Slim Susy, The Twins, Lill and jill. 100 girls of each model should be enough for you to pass lvl 13 (you need to gain 10 billions from your girls in order to pass the lvl 13). If your aim is higher respect, then you need to buy about 250 girls AS FAST AS YOU CAN. When you buy so many girls, do NOT forget to use item Talking stone, which gives you a 25 % discount. I know that is seems a bit to many 250 girls but, if you do the math, you will see that you still gain something in return). Some players, who aim for top inter, will go even further and will buy 350 of each top 3 girls.
    -If your aim is just lvl 12 maximum, then 30 girls of each top 5 model will be enough for you to pass lvl 7 (the requirement is to gain 100 millions from girls). For lvl 12 aim, you can buy the girls in day 3-4-5.

    By now should be day 10, you should have power for gang robs for Buckingham palace (20k) and then, in day 15 you will need power for Gill bates (28k). Also, by now you should (somehow) try to bring your attack power to 120k. Because you need to go to district. With 120k you beat all bosses in districts and then you can gain bonuses from streets. Depending on which path you chose, for solo robs you go to Gomorrah District or for gang robs you go to Insane Gangsters District.

    Another good tactic is NOT to pass all alley mission which gives extra tickets and also NOT to pass lvl 7 until day 20 or 25: starting with day 20 you have a chance to rob Chuck Norris (160k solo robbery power) or Narcotics Brigade (176k solo robbery power) and, starting with day 25 you have a change to rob Bill Gates (120k gang robbery power). Why I said not to pass all missions? If you keep your tickets for one of these events (whichever comes first), then you can easily use 1 or 2 items bingo (you get 1000 extra tickets) and then you can reach lvl 10 in day 20.
    From now on, depending on which path you chose, you rob solo or in gang until end of round.

    About items and how to use them: if you decide to use item for building to boost your production with 400 % for 6 thecrims days, you MUST wait until day 30 when your buildings will be fully upgraded so you can obtain maximum profit from there. This path is for new players. For more advance players, some will use item Money laundry which give a 10 % extra return at money investment in bank.

    Another hint: in order not to get caught in rave by hitmans and die / loose stats, you need to have your own club WITH limit. And here are also different tactics, depending on how mad you are at playing: for beginners is simple a club in which anyone can enter, a more advanced player will have limit at his club, or, a mad mad player, will have 3 tabs on the screen: the left half will have the tab where you rob and fill up your stamina, while the right half of the screen will have 2 tabs on top of each other. Both of them will have the same page - your club where you set the limit. In the top one you have limit set to whatever your respect is at that moment and on the bottom tab you have limit set to 100. In the left side of the screen you get in your rave and fill up your stamina then, at the same fraction of second you move your mouse to the bottom right side of the screen and push the button “save” in order to set up your rave limit at 100. Then you go and rob on the left side of the screen. After you finished the rob you go to your club and, just before you enter you push the button “save” on the top right side of the screen in order to change the limit to your respect. At the same exact time you enter in your rave and fill up stamina and then you go bot right tab and change again limit to 100. Keep doing this until you finished your tickets. This method will not guarantee your safety 100 % but 90 %. It is annoying as hell and takes a lot of time to finish all your tickets but, at least is safer from hunt.

    Feel free to ask any questions you might have.
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    Hello Razvan7,

    Thanks for the guide, I am a newbie and this helps out a lot.

    Would you advise to buy a lot of drug components sell those drugs and spend 5-6 Money laundry items(and make those investments) until day 80 ?

    Best regards,

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    Hi Horrendus,

    it all matters depending on what are you playing for. If you just want best respect you can get, then your best bet is to use 2-3 items for buildings (gives you 400 % more drugs from your buildings) and the rest at invest at bank (gives you 10 % more money). Some players balance out if it worth more to buy 1 item Bingo (gives 1000 tickets) when a big even comes in town: like day 20 Chuck Norris. Sometimes it comes with police and economy. In that scenario it worth to buy 1 item bingo because you make a lot of money early game by robbing solo, then you can invest more and gain more. So again, it all depends on your tactic and the events that come each day in game.


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    Ok, thank you very much for the tips, I will make sure I use them on the next round.

    Best Regards,



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