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    Default Bugs in the game

    The same bug still occurs with this game, namely: after entering the club we see that no one is there, we see that no one is there that someone beat us up, but the club was empty.
    this error has been around for over three years.
    I thought that yesterday it's a coincidence and I didn't notice but today I had a similar case. and I know 100% that I have not seen this person in the club.

    Bebynho what did you do about it for the last three years ?
    I think since the introduction of paid VIPs you have saved enough money so that you can afford to hire an IT specialist to fix this annoying bug, because it's probably beyond your skills since you haven't fixed it for such a long time.

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    Hi there,

    Love the saltiness so I will try not to enter your game hehe ... at least for this time. Or I will just for the fun of it ......

    1. I am not a developer therefore I have basically 0 skill when it comes to writing code .... what gave you the idea I can actually fix bugs , I have no clue.

    2. Do I really have to explain to you how a business works ?! I did it so many times on this forum it is basically boring .. SO I WILL JUST CAPS IT : DO NOT BUY VIP IF YOU DO NO WANT TO SUPPORT THE GAME. Very easy man ...

    3. In all my life up until now I've played many games , ALL HAD BUGS , NONE ACTUALLY ALLOWED ME TO TALK TO or CRY TO the owner of the game for every stupid mistake I made, the bugs I saw in the game or problems in general. And those games were owned by huge companies that make at least 1000 times MORE MONEY THAN TC DOES .. How do I know !? Well both me and memox have to work 10 h a day to LIVE ... THE CRIMS IS NOT MAKING US MILLIONS the way you think.

    4. You saying that we never tried to fix the issues is plain stupid and directly a lie .. Not only did we try to replicate and fix this but I remember night when we tested in voice on skype around 7 people trying to find a way to make the exit button work better or to fix the way it reacts when a person enters the rave after you press it.

    If you think that I will not try to fix a problem whilst in a chat with at least 10 players that report things to me on a daily basis well ... NO COMMENT.

    Have a nice day !!

    EDIT : aa and btw we did bring a new developer in to help us with the issue ... I hope that gives you some peace of mind.
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