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    Default Drug component auctions


    Here is one suggestion that I think could be beneficial for drug component auctions and give every player a fair chance at winning one and making a profit out of it:

    Introduce price steps for auction bids

    Without price steps it means that anyone can bid as much as they want for any drug component auction. This only encourages some players to bid so high their competitors will not be able to get drug components and make a profit out of them.
    To avoid this every auction could have a step price: that means that the next bid placed will be at a specific and predetermined price.
    For example if an auction starts at 20$ and has a price step of 0.1$ the first bidder will only be able to place a bid of 20$, the next bidder will only be able to place a bid of 20.1$ and so on.
    This can even remove the need to type in the bid price (just have a button that says "Bid 20.1$"). Of course, no player will be able to place multiple bids on the same auction for which he already owns the highest bid.
    Maybe even limit the number of bids one player can place for the same auction to 3 or the total number of bids per TC day (if 20 transactions per day, maximum 40 or 60 bids) a player can place so other players cannot artificially increase prices.

    Real case scenario:

    Auction price:

    Drug price:

    Auction started at 12$ and is already at +17$ from 3 bids with LSD price of 42$. Even if you win, you end up paying at least 3.4 billion and sell after processing for 2.8 billion. Furthermore, even if LSD boat comes you will still take a loss or barely break even.
    If price steps would have been in place the current price would have been 12.3$ which would have allowed you to bid 12.4$ and make a nice profit in case of winning it. (pay 2.48 billions and sell for 2.8 billion)

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    Thanks for the feedback .

    We will talk about this tonight at our meeting and to be honest i do not see why this would not work ... If we agree with it maybe we can have it next round already



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