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    Default Several suggestions to improve the game

    Hey there,

    Here are a couple of suggestions for some of the things that I consider are not optimally implemented.

    1. Broker is way way overpowered due to the number of stock transactions per TC day

    A broker can easily get 15 to 20% more respect then any other character due to the high number of stock transactions they have. A broker can easily stop playing day 80 (only invest after) and still win the round.
    To balance this, perhaps a reduction in the number of daily stocks transactions by 15 to 20% might help. (from 30 to 24 or 26).
    Increasing the number of transactions for other characters would only make it very difficult as there will be so many income sources and things to do for other characters.
    And no, if a character is overpowered that does not mean everyone wants to play that character. However, if they choose not to play broker they should still have a decent shot at winning.
    As of now, a player with any character stands 0 chances to win against a broker. Of course, assuming both players are equally good and neither makes any big mistake.

    2. Gang points awards are not balance between small and big gang robberies.

    LE: Just noticed there is already a suggestion on this and it is very detailed and clearly explained. Please refer to this post

    3. Push player out of rave / hooker mansion automatically on buy.

    Since there are problems with the exit button (sometimes it does not work), it would be a lot simpler to push player automatically out of rave / hooker mansion once he buys.
    If the player enters a rave or hooker mansion to refill his energy, obviously there is no point for him to stay anymore once he does that.

    4. "Encourage" hitman to chase other hitman (not all characters)

    While hitman by default will hunt throughout the round maybe it would be a good idea to encourage them to chase other hitman by increasing the number of hits a hitman can have on another hitman to 4 and reduce the number of hits a hitman can have on another character to 2.

    While point 1 and 2 have a significant impact on the game and should be addressed as soon as possible, points 3 and 4 are not that important and could be postponed.

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    Hi Mike ...

    I will answer in order

    1. Next round we will reduce the amount of stocks available from 200 kk to 150 kk ... We have decided that the entire feature should be changed but until we do so the 50 kk nerf should do the trick.

    2. What will this change ?! I mean I looked over the numbers and over the post made by Razvan and I have to say I am a little bit confused. He is talking about how the numbers contradict the 2% GA ... Anyway the numbers you see now are like this because " some people " complained that what they are getting is not enough compared to what they are losing.... Increasing the amount of points for low robs will not bring much and lowering the high ones will just bring back the complaints ... so either I misunderstood the request and the posts or something doesn't make sense here.

    3. With the change of the assault that won't be an option. We must create an APP so having this type of assault system is simply not viable, therefore we had to create a new one. We had it on Beta for 2 rounds now.

    4. This one and nr 3 go hand in hand. Once we restructure the assault feature, I want to give Hitman the chance to fight for top .... remember Hitmans have basically 0 advantages from all features besides Assault so reducing his hits from 3 to 2 doesn't make much sense to me , at least not at the moment.

    We are about to implement 2 or 3 new features, features that will change the game quite a lot. With these changes we will probably have to change some professions as well or the way professions interact all together.
    Sadly since Beta doesn't give us the amount of info we need to perfectly balance the game or professions, I am sure we will have to balance after a round on live.

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    Hi Bebynho,

    Thanks for the feedback. However...

    1. Reducing the number of stocks from 200kk to 150kk will change only the fact that stocks supply is limited only for some of the brokers.
    But the broker / brokers that buy them first will still make the huge respect compared to other professions. I still think reducing the number of transactions to 26 would be simpler but if beta data suggest this will work then it should also be fine

    2. The idea behind this was that players who play the entire round and rob in gang but do not have power for biggest gang robberies will not have any chance to get top gang (not even top 10 or 15, maybe even 20).
    Even though they robbed in gang all round, their gang will maybe be on the 20-25 position, while players who haven't robbed anything in gang by day 60, will get top10 with gang just by robbing some FK.
    I'm not saying that is reducing is better then increasing or vice versa but I'm saying that the difference in points between small and big robberies is too big.

    Indeed, for points 3, 4 it's useless to make changes if the assault system will be changed.


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    Regarding point 2...

    If you reach day 90 and you do not have power to rob WB or ILLU it means you either do not have a gang or if you do it means it is a really really bad one ...
    The amount of stats people get just from some features is crazy compared to 20 rounds ago when you had 2 options to get stats ... donations or hunting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bebynho20 View Post
    Regarding point 2...

    If you reach day 90 and you do not have power to rob WB or ILLU it means you either do not have a gang or if you do it means it is a really really bad one ...

    You kinda missing a different point of view: after day 90 (more so after day 105) there is almost nobody to rob anymore. Either they are afraid of ga and they protect the points gained until now, or (more true) there are no players willing to rob. For most players, the game is over, or they play for top respect. So, why the low robs from first days of the game shouldn't matter more in the game? why a gang needs to rob 3-4 days starting with day 80 so they can take the same amount of points (in most cases even more points) as the guys who rob from day 1 to day 60? But mainly, there are no players on for robs, that's the reason. Remember when you tried to invent new ways of keeping the players interested after day 100 (when the game had 180 days)? This still applies here. After day 90, you will be happy if u can rob in gang 1-2 hours only in the evening.



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