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    Default Changes for Round 123 !!!

    Hello boys and girl,

    These are the changes for next round and trust me we have many and hopefully you guys can gives us some feedback ... Regarding the feedback, it helps us when you post on forum or send email not when you give it to friends on SKYPE ....

    Here we go with the changes

    Changes to Professions


    * Change stock market start quantity to 150 000 000
    * Reduce the amount of stock transactions the broker can make at lvl 5 from 30 to 20. Give him the 10 transaction, 2 per lvl reaching 30 at lvl 10


    *Hitman stats /respect ratio change : 1 stats = 1 respect or 10 k stats = 10 k respect
    * Increase the respect stats limit from 10 kk to 40 kk
    * Increase the number of buildings they can own to 5 .
    * Reduce all the disadvantages from 42 % to 20 % . Basically his disadvantages will max out at level 2
    * Increase the number of stock market transactions to 6

    Changes to VIP PACKS and Casino

    * VIP 2 and 3 Secondary account. Please follow the link :
    * Adding the new Transfusion Item to the VIP Packs as follows : VIP pack 1 - 5 items ; VIP pack 2 - 10 items ; VIP pack 3 - 15 items
    * Fix : Change VIP gang point bonus to be applied to the gang points given from gang robberies

    New Features

    * Gang wars and Hire robbers feature please follow the link bellow for more info
    NOTE: having Gang Wars implies that we will no longer be able to set GA from rave
    * HP bar

    HP bar ranges and situations

    All professions start with 50 HP bar , Hitman with 80
    Vip pack will give as such

    VIP 1 : Extra 15 HP
    VIP 2: Extra 30 hp
    Vip 3 Extra 50 Hp

    Players will receive 5 Hp points / level for a total of 60.

    Scenario 1 : Hitman vip 3 pack total HP points at lvl 12 = 190 points
    Scenario 2 : Pimp vip 3 pack total hp points at lvl 12 = 160 points

    The HP bar will influence what you can do and cannot do in the game.
    It will go down during a fight or If you overdose.
    The hp points will generate 1 HP per real minute


    Changes to game play

    * Change end date for drug mules to TC day instead
    * You cant assault people on your friends list
    * Double the amount of AP of the bots in Street fight feature
    * Reduce the quantity of drugs received by players from drug mule at the last 3 levels
    * Fix message icon not lightning up for new messages when logging in
    * Allow only 2 players in rave at the same time
    * Changes to gang robberies
    Ro to make 10-12kk (22kk average) 6400gang points(3200per rob)
    Bitcoin 14-16kk (30kk average) 7500 gang points ( 3750 per rob)
    Illuminati 32-40kk (36kk average) 10000 gang points

    * In order to invite someone to your gang you must have a friendship relation
    * Assault changes
    * Now with the new HP bar, assault will change a little bit, we will no longer have 1 single assault or just one single interaction between the 2 accounts involved . Each player can hit the other player up to a max of 5 times and the winner will be decided based on the HP and AP of both. Clearly these 1 to 5 hits will be performed in the background and we will just see the end result of the fight, meaning that even if you die you will always deal damage to your attacker . The minimum damage you can inflict is 20 HP points.

    This is the calculator we used to test the new assault. s=true


    For AR Translation Click Here

    For RO Translation Click Here
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