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    Default Add next round++

    Adicionar aberturas para fábricas de laboratório 3
    Adicione o número de fábricas 10 em vez de 6
    Permitir atingir o número máximo de ingressos 500
    Aumentando o número de estatísticas de exercícios 20%
    Adicione mais talismãs especiais 13

    Aumentar o pagamento do jogo
    Jogue dados e adicione drogas e garotas, o elemento mais marcante
    8 grátis12
    Os componentes do medicamento mostram lucro e perda nos componentes do medicamento
    E adicione um botão de cancelamento de lance
    Aumento de produção máximo para dobrar

    Criar salas privadas apenas para bandidos que não podem acessar a personalidade do empresário, do cafetão e do corretor

    Cancelar o recurso de ataque de hacker no banco
    Aumente o número de membros da gangue
    Cancelamento de uma missão de ataque contra os adeptos do jogo, substituindo-a por uma fácil e obtendo estatísticas

    Adicionar novas missões na pista irá obter mais estatísticas = acesso fácil ao nível 13

    O objetivo de tudo isso é aumentar a diversão do jogo. Não o abandone + Espero que todas as mudanças aconteçam + Programadores devem fazê-lo imediatamente Não por preguiça + As pessoas pagam para ganhar o primeiro lugar do mundo no jogo, juro + Obrigado

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    Nov 2013


    Hello Nonamme,


    First of all, thank you for your suggestions even though we cannot agree with any of them.

    Adding openings for laboratory factories 3 (Well, there is a limitation for it for a reason. We cannot have trillions of respect on the game.)
    Add the number of factories 10 instead of 6 (Well, there is a limitation for it for a reason. We cannot have trillions of respect on the game.) (Also, where is the balance of professions?)
    Allow to reach the maximum number of tickets 500 (Current ticket arrangements are 100% perfect.)
    Increasing the number of exercise statistics by 20% (Game is already full of stats with street fights and trainings. We are thinking to decrease them even.)
    Add more special talismans 13 (Again, you can already get a lot of stats from different places.)

    Increase game payout (I do not agree with that either. I believe you talk about below options.)
    Throw dice and add drugs and girls, the most striking element (Current awards system are better.)
    8 shipping12 (I did not understand this.)
    Drug components show profit and loss on drug components (What is the profit and loss and according to what?)
    And add a bid cancel button (This is very dangerous. I can outbid you and then cancel my bid. Not a good idea.)
    Maximum production increase to double (Again, no point of doing such thing.)

    Create private rooms only for thieves who cannot access the personality of the businessman, the pimp and the broker (What is the reason for this? Robbers please safe? So others? Are they not players of the game?)

    Cancel the bank hacker attack feature (So, easy money without risking? I am sorry but this is not good either.)
    Increase the number of gang members (We reduced them for a reason. As you see, we see 4 5 gangs trying to fight for top. So, current system is better until we have more than 5k players.)
    Canceling an attack mission against the fans of the game, replacing it with an easy one and obtaining statistics ( Sorry but, still, you want the easy win, I want you to fight for it. )

    Adding new missions on the track will get more stats = easy access to level 13 (We already have a lot of stats. The reason we made level 13 very difficult, that is because we do not want everyone to reach it. )

    The whole point of this is to increase the fun of the game. Don't abandon it + I hope all changes happen + Programmers should do it immediately Not out of laziness + People pay to win the first place in the world, I swear + Thank you
    (Our developper works more than you work on your job actually. We have many optimizations and works to do with the game and they are very actif here. So, it is better to avoid lazy word for them.)

    Have a nice game.
    Your Sincerely
    eagleking52 / Tolga Gedik
    Game Manager
    Abuse Team Leader
    [email protected]



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