Most important thing (only if you play for top gang): money from robs DO NOT MATTER.

You will have a max of 15 trusts in gang. If you, or a trustee, delete his trust in gang then you can NOT give that slot to anyone else, but it is lost (even if the player comes back to gang you will have to give him a new trust so you still loose 1 slot). So you must be somehow certain that the person / persons you give the trusts to, will play all round long. If a player deletes his trust, then he must wait 5 thecrims days in order to get a new trust in another gang or in the old gang. But, if a gang is DELETED, then the members of the gang can have a trust in a new gang the very same second they deleted the gang. A player can have a max 4 trusts per round.

Another problem might arise from time difference: if you have players from america, brasil, europe and australia, then it is almost impossible for your team to rob at the same time. When is afternoon in australia, it is night in america and morning in europe. So, you should try choose your buddies from almost the same time zone. You can take though europe with brasil (only 3 hours time difference). It is of the upmost importance that the trusts rob all at the same time, especially in the last days of the round, when there are almost no other players willing to rob and the gang robs give the most points.

Now, with the current rules of the game, the best gang you can have is with 15 robber profession. Only robber profession has 450 tickets daily, all other characters have 300 tickets daily (side note: until this round the best way to build your gang was 12-13 robbers and 2-3 hitmans to withstand the gang attacks. With the new system there is almost no need for hitmans in gang. Maybe, in the future, once the rules will have changed again, the gang will be composed differently - 10 robbers, 3 hitmans, 2 pimps or whatever, but you should figure that out along the way. Therefore, now I will go along with 15 robbers).

If you have the 15 players from day 1 it is a mistake, from my point of view. There is a very high chance that someone will get banned, or will stop play, or he will change his mind and try for top inter solo, or some real life events comes in the way. So, best thing to do, is start with the core players, around 5 - 6 - 8 trusts.
Another big issue is each players / trustee himself: some will get angry along the way, some will want different path, some will miss a day with a big event in robs, some will get sick. Later I will show how to prevent that.

So, day 1: make the gang, give yourself trust, then upgrade 1st slot for headquarter and give trusts, 1 by 1, to your members: invite a player, give him trust, he accepts trusts, he may or may not donate to HQ, then kick him out of the gang (or ask him nicely to get out). Invite next player, give him trust, he may or may not donate to HQ, then kick him out of the gang (or ask him nicely to get out). Do so, until you gave the trusts to all your core players.

According to the current system of the game, the first days are not that important in gang robs. You and your trusts will get very low gang points from robberies. At least this is the admins point of view. My point of view is different: ANY rob gives you something in plus of what you already have. So, therefore, any rob is a step ahead for me. Plus, the gang will appear in top and, some players (outside trustees) will apply to join the robs. These players will basically rob for you and each gang rob (performed by you, your trustees or outsiders) give points to the gang. The total gang points which will appear in top is formed from 2 main categories: players points and gang itself points. So, if you invite outsiders, they can rob for you and your team. In that happy case, you can keep your tickets for another day, when an event with better gang points may come (since the tickets are limited and you have to gain the maximum points you can from them) and your gang still get extra points. To understand better: lets say you rob Fort Knox: each player from the gang (trustee or not) will get 3000 gang points per rob. At the same time, the gang itself gets 3000 points. So, the gang itself acts as the 16 th player. At the end of the round, the gang itself points will be bigger then any player points.

In day 1 you reach as fast as you can skill for Federal reserves, then you start robbing in gang. As soon as you and your trusts have enough skill you change for next type of robberies, ss, mpt, then to Al Capone. My advice is to rob all tickets in day 1 to Al Capone. The reason is next: some players will say no, I wait for next day, I will train first and then rob, maybe police reinforcement will come so I take more money (read the very first line in this topic); that is wrong, in my opinion. You need to optimize the tickets you have because they are limited, therefore you need to gain the maximum you can from them. In the first 5 days you need to gain as much skill as you can, in the hope that you have 40k gang robbery power in day 5 when Oil Tycoon should come. If you rob only some few tickets in day 1 and then wait for day 2 or 3 to do some training and then rob more AC, then you loose some skill. Example: you rob all tickets in day 1 at AC you get “x” amount of skill. If you rob only a few amount of tickets then you get “y” amount of skill. In this case “y” is smaller then “x”. Next day you train and rob some more AC. But, because you trained, you start the robs with a bigger amount of skill; that translates in lower skill gained from robs because you already have to much skill then what is required at AC. If you rob all tickets at AC in day 1 and then you train in day 2 and 3, then this path is the one with the maximum skill you can reach in day 5 (side note: all trusts should train only Tolerance in the first 3-4-5 days, until they can reach 40k gang robbery power. As soon as a player reaches his target of 40k, from there on and until the end of the round, they should train ONLY strenght and, all the skill they gain from passing levels or mission, should be put also ONLY in strenght).

Note: all trusts should buy buildings and laboratories in day 1 and keep them upgraded reagularly (read this for the best path: the new current system you don’t have to worry about skill starting with day 10. But, until day 10, you need to be very careful in raves so you don’t loose it at single assaults (a way on how to avoid being caught in rave is described also in the link above - on the last paragraph).

The optimum way is to have 40k gang robbery power by day 5 (if you played good, then you should have 40k and 400 tickets when oil comes in day 5). Then you rob Oil (it may come in day 6 or 7). When you rob Oil you need to try keep your skill as close to 40k as possible. After a dozen of tickets robbed you take your weapon off. Some more tickets robbed then you disarm your armour. Then you rob all tickets (side note: again, you must optimize your gains from tickets so, in my view, you do NOT pass lvl 6 or 7 until Oil comes to town; the same with the missions which gives extra tickets. At Oil rob you get the most points you can get in any other gang robbery in the first 15 days. Therefore you need to have as many tickets available as you can for this type of robbery. After you finished all your tickets at Oil, you do NOT pass any more levels until day 25 when BG comes to town - some players will complain that you don’t get enough money if you are so low in level - well: read again the first paragraph of this tutorial. When BG comes to town you apply the same tactic as in day 5 when Oil came: pass all levels you can and all missions which give tickets and then rob some more to BG) (extra side note: this is the most important in my view: when drug king comes in day 5, or when sea wolf comes in day 20, or when chuck norris comes in day 20, you do NOT rob solo. All you can rob is 1000 robs - about 250 tickets - what is required for a future level; everything else is for gang robberies only. Again, you do not care about money)

Each day passes you count the attack power your gang has. Before day 10 you and your trustee should have enough power to start street fight (WARNING: when you or your trusts change weapon from gang robs to attack power, there is a bug in game - it is on for 4 rounds now - which lets you see the gang robbery power differently from what it really is. In order not to get jail when you change weapons back, I suggest to log out and then log in again. Sometimes, actually most of the times, your page will show you that you have your gang robbery weapon on, but the system actually still see you with attack weapon on). Best time for street fight (again depends so much on what time zone your trusts are) is in the last hour of the evening thecrims day (20.00). Next 24 hours you do another street fight at around 20.05; next 24 hours again, next 24 hours again. Each day you count the attack power and each day you go higher and higher on the mission scale. That will give all trusts in gang enough power for any rob: in day 15, GB is in town and you need 28k GRP for it, but your trusts should have about 50k; in day 25 BG is in town and you need 120k GRP for it, but you trusts should have 250k and so on and so forth. That’s why I said that after day 10 the skill doesn’t matter. At FK your trusts should have around 500k, at RO your trusts should have 1 mil and at BB your trusts should have 2 mil. That saves you from watching out for jail. In the street fight is the same as at gang robberies: try to stay with your skill as close as you can to the target: if the street fight requires 3 mil attack power and your gang has 3.8, then try to take some weapons off so you can get as close as you can to the mark of 3 mil (I believe I don’t have to explain that under 3 mil you loose). The more extra skill you have then the required task, the less skill you and your trusts will get.

By day 50, when FK comes to town (this goes for day 30 also when CR comes to town), you gang will be in top and there will be a lot of “ousiders” who will want to join: for robs or for trust.
About gang upgrades: in order to call drug mule your gang must pass lvl 6 in HQ. Therefore, you and your trusts should upgrade HQ first thing. But, at the same time you need also training upgrade in order to get more skill from your training sessions. Either way, your drug mule upgrades should reach max lvl 7 by day 10. So, in day 10, the gang leader should call drug mule. You check which drug has the highest price, then you check which ship is coming and in which day, then you call drug mule. Some players make a mistake (at least from gang points point of view - remember you play for top gang and not for top solo inter) and call drug mule in day 7 for example. Why they do that? Because the boat will come in day 17 with opium (for example). So they call drug mule in day 7 (because it takes 10 days for him to come to city with the drugs), even if the drug mule is not fully upgraded. All trusts should donate to gang as soon as they have money (after they upgrade the buildings) - read again 1st line in this thread (some players will NOT want to donate because they want to go a higher level and then need cash, but you must remember the goal of the gang, plus no trust should play for top inter nor for top his country - this gets in the way of the main goal).

In day 40, you need to do a choice: if you have in gang players with trust which are banned, not robbing, not playing, or playing for solo inter or solo country, you either delete the gang and make a new one (this path is quick and on the spot, but you loose all the gang points you earned so far - you do NOT loose the players points, only the gang itself as the 16th player points), either you delete your trusts manually, wait 5 thecrims days, create a new gang and invite only the players who will play until end of the round (in this path, you can “milk” the first gang points each day a gang wars event comes to town, so you can move the gang itself points as the 16th player to the 2nd gang).

The higher you get at gang robs level the more money you will get as a reward. After day 80, when you no longer can put your money in bank at invest, most players get higher and higher in respect because they don’t know how to hide the money. The higher the respect you have, the bigger is your rave limit and the higher chance for you to meet someone in your rave and loose 1vs1. What I suggest to do to avoid that, is bid very high in drug components: lets take an example: by day 80 you should be already lvl 12. That means you no longer need money / respect in order to pass next level (lvl 13 doesn’t give extra tickets nor more money at single robs, nor more gang money or points at gang robs). So, lets take heroine for example: price is 34 $ per bid; if you bid 34 $, you have a high chance that someone else will bid over you, so you loose 1 transaction (transactions are also limited: 15 max per thecrims day); you have 3 scenarios here: Scenario 1: you win 5 heroine transactions with a bid of 34 $ each. Since you get so much money out of gang robs, you will end up with high respect because 15 transactions do NOT cover the money you gain from robberies. Scenario 2: even if there is no bid at heroine, you bid 50 $ per transaction. This way you get rid of the high respect (read again 1st line of this thread). Scenario 3: even if you bid very high (some may bid 70 $), either you still have money left or someone over bid you (it may be very well someone from your team, because they are in the same situation as you: they need to get rid of the money also): the last resort is: buy skill - strenght. You loose the money but - read again 1st line of this thread. This is the way to stay low in respect so you don’t get killed or loose skill in your rave - since you train only strenght starting with day 4 or 5 and you get so much skill from street fight, you should win 90 % of the fights in your own club with LIMIT at your respect.

All the above can be done WITHOUT any credits. The round credits you get by passing levels or missions, you can use them for 1 time bank investment in day 80 or earlier (your choice) and buy items which lower your respect: you will need 30 “hide gang points” items and 30 “hide points” items. Each item lasts 4 thecrims day. That should cover you for the whole round.
Of course, if you want to support the game and get more, you can buy VIP 1, 2 or 3 and have some more bonuses.

About items: you can have 8 special items if you don’t buy VIP or, up to 10 items if you buy VIP 3. In order to maximize your gang points, you need to use these items as BINGO, when the highest rob is in town. According to the current system, that should be Illuminati. If your trusts are fast and can all be on when the event comes, you can use 2 items in the same day (take in consideration that rules are changing often, so you will need to do the “pros” and “cons” each round and see which suits better to your team according to the objective. Example: next round the button “escape” will no longer be available if someone is in your rave so you will be stuck there for 7 sec. That will delay your robbing time so you and your team may not be able to rob 2 items in the same day. Maybe in 2-3 rounds the rules will change again and Illuminati will no longer be the best option for robs. So you need to adapt and maybe you rob 1 bingo item each event comes in town, like BG, WB, ILLU or even to BB).