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Thread: Finding Hookers

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    Default Finding Hookers

    Hello everyone,

    I'd like to know from players that are playing as pimp about the chance we have to find hookers in nightlife.

    I'm currectly level 11, so I've 22% extra chance to find hookers.

    The thing is, found none. Yeah, I wasted my tickets daily, playing from day 01, and couldn't find a single hooker.

    I'd like to know about other pimps if: 1) they actually found hookers in nightlife; or 2) I'm the most unluck player of all times that made nearly the impossible matematicly in not finding any.

    Btw, I've asked about this on a support ticket, and got the following response: "this is NOT a bug".

    So, please clarefy if it was a round change, or if it isn't working propely. I also would like to hear from other players if they experienced the same.

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    Hello dap1mp
    In order to get those hookers you need to do a single robery called Motorcycle gang ( 64000 single robbery power )
    Thats where you will "find" those hookers
    Hope i understood right your question
    Best regards

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    I want to let you know that we are not giving any hookers when visiting the nightlife, that change was made few rounds ago.

    You can get a free hooker by robbing " Motorcycle gang " in the single robbery category.
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