I already made an announcement on the first page but it was quite short and I did not get into many things, things that I want to touch with this post.

Why did we create gang wars ?!

Well it is easy ... people complained about the old system on a daily basis. I do not think a day passed without someone complaining about how GA made them lose points / stats or how hunters with macros can destroy their gang in 4 hits or how If you do not have a hitman in your gang you can't play.
The forum is full of these rants .. so if you want you can go check them , they make for a quite comedic read.

That being said ... I WANT YOU ALL TO KNOW , that in my perfect world we would have GA with stats back , we would be having milk back because that for me was what made the game fun. But there is a problem here , 90% of the players here do not play how I used to or how the other 10 % do , they play for fun , they play to disconnect from work or any other issues one might have , so this is why we can't have the old system back.

The gang war system should've been quite simple , if you have 6 trusted members you can challenge a gang and fight. I want to make something clear, all these situation that were created by players in the past 2 3 rounds, are situations that we are trying to stop.
There should be no way you can stop a gang war..... If there was one it would a feature in the description.

That being said for next round I will do my best to block all of these situations but that doesn't mean new ones won't appear. If that is the case you should all know you must report them when found.

PS: When I see some OLD PLAYERS telling my crew that they do not have the time to report things ..... it just makes me want to ban the permanently. TheCrims is one if not the only game in the world that allows you to chat with crew and managers on SKYPE ... and some here have the audacity to say they do not have the time to report things. FYI I told Tolga that next time he should ban directly ... maybe this way people will learn how to report before they abuse, which I am sure they are doing in other games.