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    Default Changes for Round 130

    Game play Changes

    We have increased the number of players that can enter a rave from 2 to 3 - Some players were abusing their secondary account and in doing so they would never get hit

    Increase the gang points bonus given by VIP 3 from 15% to 20%
    increase the gang points bonus given by VIP 1 from 10% to 15%

    Change to bids : max bid should not be higher than 25% of the current winning price - Again this is done to stop players from destroying bids from secondary accounts . For example; Last person who bidded, has put a price of 50. You can bid maximum 62.5. If you put 62.5, after you, someone else can put maximum 78.1. So everytime, someone bids, available maximum bid amount increases accordingly.


    Changes to businessman NERF : now is 36% (level 2) going up to 60% (level 12) the change should be 26% (level 2) and goes up to 50% (level 12) bonus building production. We know it is summer and you want to rock the beaches but give it a try and send us your feedback.

    Changes to University

    Paul the Virgin:
    Added extra earnings from hookers at each course (5%, 10% and 20% respectively).

    Tania the Broker:
    Reduced the number of extra transactions by 1 at each course:

    • Stage 1 (Newbie): from 2 to 1
    • Stage 2 (Player): from 3 to 2
    • Stage 3 (Broker): from 5 to 4

    And added +2% higher stock sell prices to Stage 2 (Player).

    Tony Sparky:
    Reduced the requirements to complete the courses:

    • Stage 2 (Player): from 10 TC days to 5 TC days, and from level 8 to level 5
    • Stage 3 (Businessman): from 25 TC days to 20 TC days

    Pablo the Kingpin:
    Stage 3 (Dealer): reduced the bonus sell price on boats from 10% to 5%

    Dillinger the Robber:
    Reduced the requirements to complete the courses:

    • Stage 1 (Newbie): from 10 TC days to 5 TC days
    • Stage 2 (Player): from level 8 to level 5

    CHANGES TO GANG WARS - we are doing our best to try and bring this feature into normality. Players have found ways to either block a gang war or make it so that they never fight, that is not an option and to be honest I would hate to go back to setting GA from RAVE. All the changes are being done so that we can actually have real gang wars.

    • Change gang assaults and gang wars to be set on a gang and not the leader
    • Remove blocks on all members of gangs when there is an active gang war or gang challenge.
    • Add a block on GANG LEADERS only. They should not enter raves, they should not robb.
    • If a gang loses a fight, all trusted members must lose points / even if they are not inside the gang./ But their AP should not be added to the gang power if they are not inside gang.
    • If gang war is set, gangs have 30 minutes to smack. Or it gets cancelled. So, if gang war is set and gets cancelled, the attacker gang must lose 2% points, / the gang who accepted the challenge must receive 200.000 points.
    • If a gang wins the gang war against a gang, they must receive 200.000 points to their gang assault points + they also receive 2% points that other gang loses.
    • You can not send a Gang War invitation/challenge to a gang that is 5 places above and below you on the gang list. So, gangs can challenge only the gangs 5 lower and 5 higher on the list.
    • We should be able to send Gang challenges or set up a gang war, even if there is 1 member inside the gang. (So, 6 trusted members inside the gang rule must be removed.)
    • Regarding change 8, we must also update the gang list, gangs must be shown on the list even with 1 member inside.
    • Only trusted gang members can be assigned as gang leader.

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