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Thread: Bank gangu

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    Default Bank gangu

    Hej, mam pytanie na jakiej zasadzie działa bank gangu gdzie wpłacasz punkty gangu? Gdzie one sa? Co się za to dostaje? Nie widzę nigdzie informacji o tym. Pozdrawiam

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    You can see some explanations on our new game guide.

    Related to the gang bank upgrades, you get some bonuses to the gang points you donate. As I remember, it was up to 15%.

    On the first page, there is a button as Gang Bank, you click on that and you can put the amount of points you wish to donate to the gang itself.

    Please note, you can donate maximum 50% of your gang points.

    After you click to donate, this process takes 40 game days so you have to use it before day 80.
    During this 40 days, you are free to leave the gang and robb in another gang. It gets cancelled just if you lose trusted membership in your gang. If you lose it, it gets cancelled, and the amount of points you donated get back to your account.
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