Greetings TC members,

After creating my account (nick: EvArayanAdam), I played without entering any credentials or clicking on the activation link that has been sent to my e-mail.
After a while, I got kicked from the game.

1) When I enter my password to login, it provides the following error (sorry for German text):
Das Konto, auf das du zugreifen möchtest, wurde noch nicht aktiviert. Bitte benutze den Aktivierungs-link in der E-Mail, die dir während der Registrierung gesendet wurde.
2) When I click on the activation link, I encounter with a page that does not load (repeatedly calls GET `/logout` and then fails).
Screenshot from 2021-08-30 19-28-21.jpg

3) If I request another activation mail, the same thing as in above happens.

How can I solve this problem?
(tested with both Chrome & Firefox, up-to-date)