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    Lightbulb Bebynho20 + developers give me your attention


    As you all know me, I like to jump straight to the point. So i have few ideas and thoughts that came up to me to fix few issues i noticed and a new development to the current ideas:


    We all say the 4 special items limit. I think the vip should be tweaked a bit. You ask me how? Well.. lets take this as a suggestion:

    Vip/special items feature:

    No vip players: 2 special items.
    Vip 1: 3 special items.
    Vip2: 4 special items.
    Vip 3: 5 special items.
    Vip4: 4 special items. (because its hitman based to make it fair)

    Relationships and protection from being assaulted:

    Well to this matter a lot of players dont want relation to have protect from assault in raves. And there are also some that want to keep it the same way.
    So.. I pushed myself to do something for the game to make it a little bit more balanced to both sides, and I came up with these two solutions:

    Protection from relations is canceled and have this new feature (now herewhat i am proposing) something like lets say 'Politicians' that you hire for certain amount of money or credit so that the player could choose between 3 packages:

    1) 3 political agreements
    2) 5 political agreements
    3) 7 political agreements

    these would be a hypothetical political agreement that players to buy and then be able to add a players name and then they have something similar to the relation system and be protected from being attacked by this player.

    So after all this frustration by trying to explain this .. what do you guys think ?

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    I actually like the agreement idea .... regarding the VIP items situation , making it 5 would not change top players strategies that much since it would be half of what we had 2 rounds ago.
    having to make a strategy with 4 items is a little bit more complicated than with 5



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