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    Default New ideas - Round 132 - CHAOS & Imbalance

    Hello there.. i hope you guys are doing great with all that is going on these days.

    As yall know me i like to just hop on the subject and explain my point of view of it: So without further a due.. lets look below at each category in the game and its problems:

    1- 300 kills condition (or new change): as much as me and my team are planning to dominate top stats in the future and current system is benefical, I think i needs to be changed to the following

    The player should get full stats from the first 20 hits, and after that it goes to the current system (in terms of vip package specials). To illustrate, lets say a player finish 20 hits with a another player and both of which are above 300 kills
    Instead of them keep getting full stats from now on and be so broken and milky to the lower stats player. I think it should be dropped to half the stats a player gets in their first 20 hits. And if the players are lowerr than 300 kills or the requirement of their vip package, then it should go back to 1 percent instead.

    2- Cheaters and bot users: so as we all know that there are some players who use anydesk or teamviewer with better hunters to help them smack someone competing against them. To avoid such a thing for hitman at least: i think the developers can develop a log that registers how many seconds it took since that person entered the rave to get a kill. Okay so what if the developers do that or they already have such a feature? Well dear crew members, with such a log you will be able to check if a player a using anydesk with another. You ask how? well lets say player A is top 1 killer and he gets kills within 1.2 seconds from entering rave. and then crew members go to check player B (the suspected account) and see he usualy get kills withing 2.3 seconds. However, when sometimes that account is logged off and logged into again, the average goes similar to player A and that will give the first clue that those twoo are cheating and breaking the rules. Also this way the crew member will be able to use another advantage of such feature is to see the average speed of known good playrs and have their speed set as maximum legitimate speed. In other words, lets say the fastest legitimate speed is 1.5 seconds. In this case anyone who exceeds that speed should be looked into deeply.

    3- Your main account and multi cannot be the same character. Lets say my main account is hitman, i shouldn't be able to make my multi hitman.

    4- Those players who are suspected of cheating / or those who get 50 reports of bot usage shall be asked to film while they are hunting and shall get 2 - 3 kills within the same video. How that would help crew members? Well, when crew members see the video they can decide for themselves if the player is actually good or not, also they could use the time of the filiming in thecrims and go back to the log and compare that videos timings with the average hits of that player. if there are not close or the same then the player is cheating and trying to hide it.

    5- rave and hooker respect limit should be removed if the 300kills option is going to stay or be changed again, so players who lose a lot do have a chance of recovering.

    6- the servers the servers the servers!!!! the LAG is so annoying and this round i lost more than 250k to lag. im literally out of rave suddenly i get a message im hit.

    7- since this is a strategy game i was thinking about the blood transfusion. currently 1 costs 5 creds and give 100% hp. I think it should be lowered to 3 creds and each 1 blood transfusion gives u 50% of ur hp. So the player can strategies if they want full hp cuz their hunting or they want low hp so if someone strong kills them but lower loses. i think that way there is some balance to the 300kill rule and between hitman and other characters

    Side note: I have posted multiple feedbacks and i see that some of it were fixed or added to the game as the hitman district one, but i didnt get badges/medals for *idea contributor* and *bug reporter*

    ID 16214147

    I love you and thank you
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    I hope THEY will read the post


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    thank you <3

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    1- when i stop playing you get top status.

    2- good idea about multis not having the same profession as the main account.

    3- filming would be good to see the player attacking and also running away. (no irony )

    4- stop crying and accept that you are weak.

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    You are acting like a kid. Our competition and fighting is in the game not here in forums. So, please if you want to criticize some of my points feel free to do that, but with respect.

    I hope developers and beby are considering my thread seriously, because this is not just what i think. Trust me, a lot of my friends agree with me.

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    all great topics and i agree #2 lets stop turning a blind eye to this we all no its going on
    #6 the lag is ridiculous

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    Hello xKNDx,

    1- I suppose from my understanding, current system is already like you said.
    You get normal stats until 10 assaults (instead of 20 and this is only for vip users) and after 10, you receive 1%. Which is totally acceptable.

    With new changes, if attacher and victim has more than defined number of kill counts, they will start to lose/win normal stats just like they used to before 10 assaults between each other.

    2- What you suggest is a theory. We can not ban people based on what you say. This is not a proof or this is not prouvable. Most of the good hunters have similar timing of asasult. So what? Shall we consider they all exchange devices or accounts to play and hunt? It is kind of tricky and hard to detect such cases. The ways we found, they are against the laws and we cannot use them.
    Unfortunately, most of the cheat cases/ abuse cases are always limited with our tools.

    3 - I do not find it reasonable to be honest. As multi account, you are free to have 2 broker accounts and transfer stocks. So, why can't I use my multi to help my strategy? There should not be any block on this.

    4 - This can be acceptable. But who will decide about it? I mean who will count the tickets? This can be easily abusable. If you want to watch a guy playing the game, you can send tickets multiple times even by using different accounts. So, you can see how he hunts and discover the way he hunts. Still, once we catch or find suspicious logs, we do ban players or we take a step to see the way they hunt sometimes.
    Even after ban, they contact us and explain how they hunt. So, we do try to create similar logs by using their hunt methode. So, I can say that we kind of using this methode already.

    Additionally, videos can be tricky and adjustable. Don't you think that people can cheat even when they are streaming? You cannot even understand that they cheat sometimes.

    5- Respect limit can be disabled for new raves. but, what if they have old raves with respect limit? This has to be well thought and planned.

    6 - It is not only servers. Recently, every sites are getting attacks and problems. Lets not forget that, facebook, instagram, whatsapp had server issues recently and were offline for some time with crazy budgets and servers. So, sometimes, servers might fail for a reason. And we do try to be active and reachable to receive feedbacks and reports about lags.
    Please feel free to contact me on discord about lags, so that we can ask to check servers if anything fails there.

    7 - Well, I and our planning team liked that opinion on some point. Giving 50hp can be abusable. But we can make another type of blood transfusion which fills half of your HP bar, and you can use it with half price.

    Regarding the changes made with your suggestions (if there is any, or if you think they were your suggestion) please share with me the place where you shared them. And please show me where we made the changes. So that, I can compensate or reward your suggestions.

    We might miss some points if we have not taken the notes in time. But we do our best to avoid such problems. So, feel free to show us where you had suggested the changes we made.
    Your Sincerely
    eagleking52 / Tolga Gedik
    Game Manager
    Abuse Team Leader
    [email protected]

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    im doing some work right now.. but since last two points are quick to repsonse to:

    point 7- thats exactly what i meant. that the blood transfusion will fill the hp half way through no just 50 .. because people who buy vip and stuff like that have different hp. also depending on the character.

    and in terms of my suggestion:

    and all these feedbacks and issues i reported (in my perspective) considered bug reports. So i hope i get bug reporter medal too and thank you eagle i really appreciated your detailed responses to the points.



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