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Thread: For new users

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    Default For new users


    I think it's pretty unfair the system of having to kill 3 people to level up is ridiculous. (I started playing yesterday)

    How to do the new users to kill 3 people?
    I'm stopped in the game because I can't kill!
    Every time come the bot users and they always kill me!
    My contact with "small" users is "ZERO"..
    So how do I do it? I'm 1 (Real) day trying to pass level 3!

    I played TheCrims in round 17, 18, 19, and 20, and i miss it.

    Thank you

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    Dec 2008


    So you saw day 90 and you decided to play HITMAN because you had the impression it would be easy , right?!

    There are levels you have to go trough and clearly those levels require things from you.
    From what I recall I made a star system letting new players KNOW which profession is easy and which is harder to play.

    Clearly nobody actually reads anything, not the star system nor do you read the game guide to see how the game has changed since 13 years ago when you used to play.

    That being said I will try to add more info to that star system I created to let people know it is not a GOOD IDEA to start playing Hitman day 90 ! Not that anyone will read it but at least I have to give it a try .

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    @Bebynho20, You are right..

    I was a little disgusted at not being able to pass the levels. Logically it is not easy to kill anyone on the day 90.
    I wanted to play a little bit to kill the nostalgia.
    And I found this part difficult. Besides that there are users using autoclik which kills us very quickly.
    It's frustrating!!

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    A normal attack from a guy that actually hunts every round is somewhere around half a second which is mental yes.
    Not all hitmen are botters man.

    I was thinking about reducing the number of kills required to make levels as the round goes by ... but I am afraid people would not agree with that too much.
    remember The Crims only lasts 1 month .... which will actually change quite soon heheh ... but let's keep that a secret.

    PS: i would love to change the current hunting system and probably it will happen when the WEB APP arrives ... since it wont be viable anymore.



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