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    Default 2nd feedback on the Alpha design

    The laboratory
    when you enter the quantity in the text field and press start, the drug components instantly disappear and it doesn't show anything in the logs.

    Number input fields
    When an input number is in its normal state (not clicked/not focused) it shows the placeholder number 0, when it's onFocus (clicked) the placeholder string should be deleted automatically, instead, it still shows and you have to delete it manually which is extremely annoying.

    VIP profit/day not showing
    I'm not sure on how it suppose to function, but it's only showing the total profit for the building and not showing the profit for each building in the 'profit/day' column.

    blackjack is not centered.

    Hire Robbers
    You can use ''Hire Robbers'' indefinitely as long as you have enough tickets, which is fun, I hope you can keep this bug xD
    as you can see in the logs, Hire robbers have been used 5 times in less than 1 Crims day.

    Profile Respect Change
    The graph bars in the respect change section it does not work as intended.

    Pain is passing, results are permanent. Beauty fades, strength is eternal.

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    Thanks for the report.
    We will forward it to the responsible team.

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    Hello Phantasma820,

    I do appreciate your report.

    Please note, hire robbers is allowed to use multiple times on beta. And we updated same conditions on alpha. So, yes, you can use it on alpha.

    For the other reports, we will work on them.

    To keep in touch, could you please contact me in private, skype or discord?
    I would like to award you for your reports.
    Your Sincerely
    eagleking52 / Tolga Gedik
    Game Manager
    Abuse Team Leader
    [email protected]

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    Another disadvantage in the alpha TC.

    I am unable to join a gang I am a member of and have a trust.

    gang center.jpg

    But in general, the layout of the website - for me - is great. Congratulations to the originator and contractor
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