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    if this all tips are real than this game is one big BS and all this tips are like glitches

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    Is this a tutorial for top1-5 Ireland? How about one for TOP1 International?

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    alina if u could explain this please
    the trick with changing gangs day 5, 6 7 and 8 won't work because you need to wait 24 hours in order to get another drug mule. You can still change gangs every day but you won't get mule because of the time limit. The solution is to push each gang creation with that amount of 24 hours. Means you still get extra drug mule, just a little bit time delayed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SwordxKidon View Post
    Is this a tutorial for top1-5 Ireland? How about one for TOP1 International?
    Hey bro,

    Since you have been doing amazingly in the past rounds, could you also share your tips and approach?

    Much appreciated mate.

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    As soon as the game starts, do NOT rob. Buy vip platinum, activate it, then go to task and use the skill you get from vip (8k) to buy strength. You do not buy for all your 8k skill, but you buy in small amounts, like 100 at one time until you reach Single Robbery power 160. It MUST be precisely 160 and not 161 or 162 or higher (the more higher it is, the less skill you get after that). So your skill will be Intelligence - 1, Strength - 1800, Charisma – 1 and Tolerance – 1. Now you go to single rob, set for “gas station”
    Gas station - Single Robbery power - 200, How can i rob this with 160 if system require 100% of single robbery power?
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