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    if this all tips are real than this game is one big BS and all this tips are like glitches

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    Is this a tutorial for top1-5 Ireland? How about one for TOP1 International?

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    alina if u could explain this please
    the trick with changing gangs day 5, 6 7 and 8 won't work because you need to wait 24 hours in order to get another drug mule. You can still change gangs every day but you won't get mule because of the time limit. The solution is to push each gang creation with that amount of 24 hours. Means you still get extra drug mule, just a little bit time delayed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SwordxKidon View Post
    Is this a tutorial for top1-5 Ireland? How about one for TOP1 International?
    Hey bro,

    Since you have been doing amazingly in the past rounds, could you also share your tips and approach?

    Much appreciated mate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alina View Post
    Strategy, tricks and tips

    Most of the tricks and tips will change over time and become a nonsense since the game is changing every time so, you should try to find your own tricks and tips. For example: “googles of fortune” used to be on for max 10 min since you activate them. Most of the players tried their best to be as fast in robs and they could, and do about 170-180 tickets in those 10 minutes. But, if you are smarter, you could have opened 3 tabs, in one was the “googles of fortune”, in another one the robs tab and in another one the rave tab. As soon as you start the clock on the “googles”, you rob and immediately you stop the “gooles” again. Then you go to rave, fill up stamina, then repeat the process. This way you can rob up to 400 tickets with 1 single “googles of fortune” item. It all depends on how you adapt to the new changes of the game each round.

    Tricks and tips:

    - You can use credits gain by passing levels and from alley missions to buy items which you can use next rounds. For example: you play relaxed 1, or 2 or 3 rounds, you do all the tasks and levels and you receive the credit bonuses. You don’t have to use them on buildings, or get out of jail or ships this round. Instead, buy “blood transfusion”, or “hide gang donations points”, or “hide inventory points”, or “training booster”, or even “condoms”. Each round you can get about 300 “round credits” with which you buy items. In 4-5 rounds you get a good stash of free items because the items bought with real credit or “round credits” move from round to round. You don’t lose them. So, when you want to play for top, you already have items for which you don’t have to use credits bought with real money.
    - If you stay under 2k respect, when you get killed you get out of hospital in 3 real minutes. You don’t have to use credits or item to get out.
    - When you pass a lvl and get skill, you don’t have to immediately use the skill. If you use it, then your respect goes up so your club should have a higher limit, so higher chances for you to get hit in raves. Example: at lvl 8 or 10, most of the hunters will have about 300k respect (that should be the lower limit for most of them; a good hunter can stay under 150k). If you don’t use your skill points, then your max respect should be up to 300k. If you use it, your respect goes over 300k, therefore more chances you lose in raves 1vs1. Same goes for lvl 11, and 12. Use the skill points only when is necessary to pass another level. Whatever you get from levels or alley mission, keep it there for when illu comes and you need to bump your skill (or bb).
    - Try to calculate your steps in advance. Example: let say you rob most of your tickets in day 1 when there is no event in town. In day 2 comes police reinforcement. You are inclined to rob more (whatever tickets you have left and whatever you gain during the day 2) at police reinforcement because the stash you get from robs is bigger. But that will be a mistake. In day 5 drug king comes in town and, if you rob in day 2, then, at drug king, you don’t have maximum of 450 tickets. Therefore you think you get more money in day 2 but, at the end of day 5, you lose money because you get way more at drug king (same goes for day 10 with Chuck Norris).
    - In early days of the round try to always use “googles of fortune” because, as the round progresses, you will get more money from gang robs. Therefore the items will get unused at the end of the round and you can’t take them to the next round.
    - Black market: always bid in the last 2 minutes before the time expires. If you bid way earlier, there is a very high chances that someone else will overbid you.
    - Stock market: use it, even if you get an extremely low bonus. At least is still a gain and not a loose.
    - Drug dealer: do not sell to drug dealer. Try to keep the drugs for ships. You get way more money for your drugs at the ships then at dealer (plus sometimes you need drug to pass some alley missions)
    - Hookers: if you don’t play for top, then about 15 hookers from top 5 models are enough for you to pass the mission “get at least 50 mil from your hookers”). You can buy them in day 1 or 2.
    - Black market: the drug components became the most important in the game in the last few rounds (for the players who play for top that is). You need to try to find the lowest bids possible. The higher the bid you win, the less your profit will be.
    - Buildings: this is a bit lucky: since you don’t know which ships will come over the round, you can start with the lowest buildings (you will know only 1st ship so you can already buy that building in day 1). You can start upgrade the buildings (if you upgrade them regularly, then in day 8 you should have the last update done). If in day 5 you see that the next ship will come with a high drug (hero, spk, etc), then you can sell the building which gives you the least cash and buy that new building which correspond with the ship and start upgrade it.
    - Casino: almost nobody uses blackjack or slot machine. But you can do some small profit if you double your bet in blackjack and you start the bid from low. In dice game you have a free roll each day starting with day 5.
    - in order not to get caught in rave by hitmans and die / lose stats, you need to have your own club WITH limit. And here are also different tactics, depending on how mad you are at playing: for beginners is enough a club in which anyone can enter, a more advanced player will have limit at his club, or, a mad mad player, will have 3 tabs on the screen: the left half will have the tab where you rob and fill up your stamina, while the right half of the screen will have 2 tabs on top of each other. Both of them will have the same page - your club where you set the limit. In the top one you have limit set to whatever your respect is at that moment and on the bottom tab you have limit set to 1. In the left side of the screen you get in your rave and fill up your stamina then, at the same fraction of second you move your mouse to the bottom right side of the screen and push the button “save” in order to set up your rave limit at 1. Then you go and rob on the left side of the screen. After you finished the rob you go to your club and, just before you enter you push the button “save” on the top right side of the screen in order to change the limit to your respect. At the same exact time you enter in your rave and fill up stamina and then you go bottom right tab and change again limit to 1. Keep doing this until you finished your tickets. This method will not guarantee your safety 100 % but 95 %. It is annoying as hell and takes a lot of time to finish all your tickets but, at least is safer from hunt. You can perfect a bit this strategy for a more faster and easier cursor movement by inversing the 2 sides of the screen. What was on left put it on the right and what was on right (with those 2 small tabs in them) move it to the left. This way. The cursor goes in one direction, anti clock rotation, but the distance between the buttons is smaller, therefore the action is faster, therefore slimmer chances for you to get caught in your own rave.

    Strategy for top inter play:

    As soon as the game starts, do NOT rob. Buy vip platinum, activate it, then go to task and use the skill you get from vip (8k) to buy strength. You do not buy for all your 8k skill, but you buy in small amounts, like 100 at one time until you reach Single Robbery power 160. It MUST be precisely 160 and not 161 or 162 or higher (the more higher it is, the less skill you get after that). So your skill will be Intelligence - 1, Strength - 1800, Charisma – 1 and Tolerance – 1. Now you go to single rob, set for “gas station” rob, activate item “hire robs”, then activate item “talisman of insights” and rob half of your tickets in one go. You should have 200 tickets from round start plus 75 from vip. So you should rob 137 tickets at “gas station”, with “hire robs” and with “talisman of insights” activated. This way you should get about 41 k each skill (which translates in 25k power in all 3: single robbery power, gang robbery power and assault power). If you put your skill into Intelligence until you reach 160, then at the “hire rob” you get only about 32k. This trick works also at next rob: “grocery store” – power 400, with the same amounts of skill gained. All of your training will be done ONLY in STRENGTH (you get enough skill from street fights or from donations from your friends). If you want more skill from 1st rob, you wait to gain more tickets. The more tickets you use in this 1st rob the more skill you get. The only problem is that, at lvl 1 you are not robber yet, therefore the tickets come in a slower pace then they should come if you reach next lvl to choose your profession. If you choose to reach next lvl, then you go over 160 skill and again you lose the rob. You can try to go to next rob of 400 with lvl done and wait for more tickets but you are then a bit behind of the other players. If you play hitman, then it is an absolute MUST to do this trick in min 1 so you have an excellent start.

    Attachment 2209

    Moreover, you will use the same scheme in day 5, when drug king is in town: you will go at exactly 44k skill in single robbery power (or as close as you can to 44k), use “hire robs”, activate “talisman on insights” and rob half of your tickets. In day 5, at drug king, you will also activate “googles of fortune”. You will do the same thing in day 10 at Chuck Norris: skill exactly at 100k (or as close as you can to this target to maximize the skill income), “hire robs”, activate items “google” and “talisman” and rob half of the tickets. Why you must be at the precise lvl with the rob power? Because the system considers all the tickets you rob as 1st rob at the minimum skill. So basically you rob all the tickets at 160 skill for gas station, 44k for drug king, 100k for chuck Norris. If you rob manually the tickets, then you get WAY less skill, because after each rob, your skill is not on the lower limit anymore, but it goes higher and higher. The more you rob, the further from your target limit you are, the less skill you get.

    This strategy should fix you for the robs part. Let’s go for gang part. You should have some friends in game. In day 1 a friend (or your multis if you have vip) should do the same trick with robs, only he will rob just 100 tickets. That gives him about 9k skill. Immediately he will buy and activate item “component addict” (gives you 400 % more components from single robberies for 24 hours). Then he goes at solo robs and he starts rob “Moroccan harbour”. Don’t forget to activate at “equipment” 2 items: “component addict” and “drug fortune cookie”. And now you rob all tickets at “Moroccan harbour”. Even if you make skill for 10k or 11 k or 15k robs, you don’t change the rob. If you do, you lose time when you transform the drug components in drugs, because you have different types of components, which takes more time to transform in drugs. If you rob 137 tickets at “gas station”, then you are left with only 138 tickets to rob “Moroccan harbour”. You are not interested in skill on this account, you are interested in to do as much money you as can on the account so you can donate them. So, if you rob only 100 tickets at “gas station”, then you have more tickets left for “Moroccan harbour”, therefore more drug components to make and more money to cash in. As soon as you reach ZERO tickets, you activate (from “equipment”) item “fast recovery” and rob some more (for 10 minutes) “Moroccan harbour”. After the item “fast recovery” expire, activate the 2nd item “fast recovery”. By the time you finish the 2nd item “fast recovery” you should have about 10 more tickets (because the time passed and you get extra tickets). Rob them also. That should give you the maximum drug components for this short time in day 1. When you have no more tickets, no more items “fast recovery”, you stop item “component addict” (from “equipment”) and buy item “Nasa Labs” (from “black market” then go to “item” in right top corner). You activate this new item “nasa labs” (now the item is in “equipment”). Only AFTER you activate it, you go to “buildings”, buy “laboratory”, fully upgrade it with credits (you need to upgrade it 3 times, from lvl 1 to lvl 2, then from lvl 2 to lvl 3, and then from lvl 3 to lvl 4). As soon as you finished the upgrades on laboratory, you start making the production. If you robbed only “Moroccan harbour”, then you can do only 1 drug component and you should do the full amount. If you robbed different robs, then now you lose time because you need to put each drug component in laboratory. As soon as you finish the drugs, you sell them and donate in gang to upgrade drug mule: in order to do that, you need to upgrade first HQ to lvl 6 and then drug mule to full. This way you have in day 1 drug mule fully upgraded (with a 2nd account to help with donations).

    Now, as I mentioned earlier, you should have some friends to help you. These friends should rob the same way you started, meaning they should all get 41k when they rob “gas station”. That gives each and every one attack power of 25k without weapons. If they (and you) rob the rest of the tickets until zero (you will all need to rob at least 300 robs in gang in order to pass levels), you should all have about 30k without weapons and everyone should be at least lvl 5. You buy max weapons for attack, and you can do street fight in day 1. 35k each player x 15 players in gang = enough power for sf. If you have a hitman in your gang is even better. If he starts the same way, in about 1 hour of hunt, he can help the gang to do at least 800k sf mission. (it is in his best interest to stay with you in this gang since he will get also the bonus for full drug mule and all the rest of the upgrades in gang). So this gang will de 2 more sf, one in day 3 and one in day 5. In day 5 this gang will get dissolved.

    You will need another “rabbit” or a friend who can help you: in day 2, this friend will create a new gang, he will do alone the same robs as your multis in first gang, and he will upgrade alone drug mule to max.
    Then another friend will create a new gang in day 3 and he will do the same as your friend does in day 2.
    Then another friend will create a new gang in day 4 and he will do the same as your friend does in day 2.
    In day 5, after you do sf, the first gang created in day 1 will be dissolved and 13 players (except your “multis”) will move to the gang created in day 2. You do SF in day 5 again (this time in gang nr 2).
    In day 6, you dissolve the gang created in day 2 and the 13 players move in gang nr 3 created in day 3 and you do again sf.
    In day 7, you dissolve the gang created in day 3 and the 13 players move in gang nr 4. This will be you last gang until the end of the round. You do sf immediately.

    The reason why you go in so many gangs: If you stay in only 1 gang (the one you created in day 1) until the end of the round you get drug mules only in day 5, 9, 13, 17, 21, 25, 29, 33 and 37 (9 drug mules in total). If you move gangs, not only you get more skill from sf, but you get 3 extra mule: in day 5 (from gang 1 and then you move to gang nr 2), in day 6 (from gang 2 and then you move to gang nr 3), in day 7 (from gang 3 and then you move to gang 4), in day 8 (from gang 4) and further on from gang 4 in days 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40. In total you get 12 drug mules – all in full 90 mil. So, if you would have stayed only with gang 1, in day 8 you should have only 1 drug mule while, if you move gangs, in day 8 you have already 4 drug mules and multiple sf done. Extra money and extra skill.

    From now on you should rob mostly in gang (the way the game is now, the gang gives the most money, most of the times better then solo robs, especially if you take district for “more money from gang robs” and you upgrade “robbery strategy” at full). Even with “googles of fortune” the solo robs are not as profitable as gang robs. You do the math and see which is better in terms of returns in money.

    From day 5, you focus on ships. You must buy drug components and transform them in drugs for whatever ship is coming next. It is absolutely NECESSARY to reach lvl 10 as fast as you can (the latest in day 10) so you can buy one more “laboratory”. Basically you double your rate or drug components produced so you can sell more to boats.
    Bidding in drug components: let’s say, for example, next ship is in day 15 and comes with booze. When you go to auctions for booze, you try to bid max 2 min before the auction is ending. Try to find the bids with the lowest price auctioned so you can maximize your profit. Also, if most of the bids are zero (meaning nobody bid yet because the booze is low in price) but only a few are on, try to over bid them. Example: let’s say the price is 8 and, out of 30 bids available, only 10 are on. With 2 minutes before the bids expire, you outbid 5 transactions at 8.1 price. It sounds stupid to bid 8.1 instead to go at another empty bid and bid only 8 but, you must think in terms of opponents. Every other bid is a potential player trying to take your spot at the top. So you must try to stop him. Therefore you over bid. (some players risk it all and focus on 1 single ship, like heroin, spk or any other drug big at price, and will always buy that component in the hope that their ship will come nearly the end of the game so they can “hit the score”. It is risky because that boat may not come or come to early in the game. This tactic should not be feasible also because you don’t get the bonus from selling to ships).

    Hookers: you need to buy in day 1 hookers until you get a profit per day of 13 mil, so, in day 5, you can collect minimum 50 mil. You need this in order to pass lvl with the requirement “you must collect at least 50 mil from your hookers. In day 5, when you get the money from drug mule, you buy 200 hookers of each model, starting with the most expensive one – miss blonde. But, before you buy them, you must activate item “talking stone” which gives you a discount when you buy the girls.
    University: with vip you should easily do lvl 5 in day 1. You can do then tony spark university (gives you 1 extra slot at buildings) and Pablo the kingpin. Some players choose rojon the killer so they lose less skill in the solo attack. Since you don’t care about skill, you should try to maximize your profit so take the boat university. This type of action can’t be changed during the round (like districts) so you must be sure that you choose the best university that suits your goal.

    Districts: you should stay in “more money from gang robberies” district most of the times. The 2nd district you should have is “port district”. Sometimes the ships come far away from each other so you may do this: lets say you are in day 10 and the next ship comes in day 16. In day 10, after you sold to ship all the drug you had, you leave the streets in “port district” (or ask a friend to kick you out) and, after you wait 6 real hours, in day 11, you can go in another district to grab another bonus: either “grand central station” – for more tickets, either in “Chinatown district” for increased building production. Then, in day 15, you get out of this new district (or ask a friend to kick you out) and, in day 16, you get back in boat district so you can sell at a higher profit at ship. You have to make the most of your tickets so, try to used them all when a big event comes to town (Chuck Norris, police reinforcements, etc.)
    Any extra income is welcomed: even if you do only 2 transactions in stock market, even if the profit is small like 50 mil, it is still a profit. Also a very small profit (nevertheless is still profit) you can make from casino from blackjack. You start with 100.000 and play. If you lose, the next bet you double it at 200k, if you lose then you keep on double it. You can do that up the 7th double. There are some times when even in the last double you still loose. But, the percentage of the times you lose vs the time you win is smaller so, even if sometimes you lose all the way to max bet, you should still be on the winning side form previous gains. (99 % of players don’t even bother with this side of the game, but you gain something extra from others).

    Who has more ideas and wants to share them you are more then welcome.
    Regards all.

    P.S.:I was made aware of a small mistake from my side (I am human anyway) so I try to correct it now (I did wrote in 1st paragraph that changes occur every round so you must be smart and ADAPT to changes): the trick with changing gangs day 5, 6 7 and 8 won't work because you need to wait 24 hours in order to get another drug mule. You can still change gangs every day but you won't get mule because of the time limit. The solution is to push each gang creation with that amount of 24 hours. Means you still get extra drug mule, just a little bit time delayed.
    In next round „hire robs” will be in day 3. Should I wait with the first robbery until the 3rd day?



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