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    Default [BUG?] Sometimes i get stuck on the nightlife screen.

    Hello, sometimes when robbing, i go to the nightclub tab, get into a rave, use the drug/hooker/, click exit then im back to the nightlife tab and i cant go anywhere else unless i go into the rave again and press exit again.
    Maybe some anti bot function not working properly?
    Additional info:
    Happens once every 20 times +-
    My latency to the east coast (US) is around 130.
    I tried going slower but it doesnt make it any better
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    Unfortunately this bug appeared 2 rounds ago and is apparently here to stay. The devs/admins choose to pretend that it doesnt exist and have told me in the past that is a problem on my end due to clicking between windows too fast lol, even though all players on our team are experiencing this bug and constantly overdose or get killed precisely because of this.

    As of right now you shouldn't expect much because the devs refuse to even acknowledge this as a real bug.

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    I got the same problem. Like every 10-20 times I switch the club when I click exit button I just get the message "invalid operation someone is assaulting you" even when there is nobody in the club. Clicking exit doesn't work and I just literally need to wait 7 seconds and pray that nobody will enter the club otherwise they get a free kill. And yeah, it's been like this for 2-3 rounds like LilTjay says. This didn't happened before.

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    I would really like to have an explanation from anyone with more info on this...the issue is real and player are facing it on a daily basis.

    Anyone from the crew understand the root cause and if this is planned to be fixed?

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    I stoped using mansions because of that. With nightclubs is not that often



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