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Thread: Cheating

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    But why me? why do you think I'm the chosen one that knows the events?

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    As far as I'm concerned you can keep fingering yourself all day long. That's not going to bring more respect to your pal DarkHunter.

    I'm not angry at all, I won.

    Admins should not waste time with ludicrous reports from salty losers though.

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    Mr kido you are not the smart one here
    like if there was a data breaches you are going to confess you and bogdan and say " yes bogdan told me about the ships"
    let me be crystal clear , everywhere there's data breaches in the army , white house the biggest companies like apple
    so will not be data breaches in or a spy in the crimes? xD
    on the contrary admins must check this case and ban the spy whoever is otherwise round by round players will lose trust in the admins
    and no more payments so the game will be closed ofc
    the gm must make the events and the ships by bots totally randomly gm himself will not know the event or the ship till the bot choose it before specific time

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    Let me be crystal clear: stop sucking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StrykerTheLegend View Post
    But why me? why do you think I'm the chosen one that knows the events?
    I am still waiting an answer on this..I am probably the player that lost the most rounds because of the last boats and you are implying that I am the one knowing them? are you seriously braindead? And also, why do you need new created account to post such things on forum?

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    Noah ...

    The boats are random ... events are generated before the round starts and no CREW MEMBER has access to the events. IF not even TOLGA has access to events and he is the manager how would a player have access to those events?

    Please think before you post something man, especially something of this sort !

    NOTE : Unless you are saying me or memox are giving away events and if that is the case get ready to prove it or you know the end result ! The things one reads here ... out of this world !

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    Imagine abusing bugs every start of the round and still managing to fall behind ~10kk resp at the end. Then sending minions on forum with tinfoil hats and conspiracies.

    Blow me, thx.

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