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    Default How do I pick new profession at start of new season?

    I didn't play long time, when I logged in I closed window when you pick profession by accident. But I Am already a gangster. How do I pick my profession? I can't find it anywhere, ty!

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    Hello empleat,

    When you start to play the round, you start as Gangster at level 1.

    After you fulfill requirements for level 2 and complete level, you will be provided with the professions that you can select.

    After you select profession, you cannot change it. So, please be careful to select easy profession that you can play with.

    Mostly, people select Hitman in the middle of round and it is kind of hard/impossible to kill players to complete level requirements and they want to change their profession.

    In this case, they have to reset their account to the 0 and they have to start from level 1 as gangster.
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