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View Poll Results: REMOVE RAVE LIMITS AND REDUCE THE STATS WON FROM 1v1 TO 0.05% for wounded and 0.01

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  • Yes remove limits

    50 46.30%
  • Keep the game as it is

    58 53.70%
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    Dec 2008

    Exclamation Important POLL !!!

    Hi guys ,

    For some time now a group of players has been harassing me with the same proposal , REMOVE RAVE LIMITS .

    Now that for me is just a bad move, considering 80% of players complain about HITMANS but because I want to hear your opinion on the matter I will make a poll about it.

    The idea is not that straight forward tho, because I would never implemented it without other major changes to at least protect the normal player that just wants to have fun.
    So here it goes

    The question is:

    REMOVE RAVE LIMITS BUT REDUCE THE STATS WON FROM 1v1 TO 0.05% for wounded and 0.01 % when killed ?

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    change is good. try it that way, maybe it will help that's why i vote ''remove limits''

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    Jan 2011


    Hunting gameplay should be revived, this is a good start. We played with limits for so many years and we saw how it is. Let's see how the game will be without limits.

    Time for a change !!

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    Remove limites

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    Back with ga tho !

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    The change is necessary because an important part of the game is about to die without it. Remove limits!

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    When new system of virtual raves?

  8. #8


    Let’s see how it works without limits…

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    it will be impossible to play on my cell phone, as I usually play (considering that with the limits, when someone enters the rave I get beaten)…

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    +1 back ga xD



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